Carnation Footcare Review

I’ve never had the nicest of feet, I mean don’t get me wrong they’re not covered in hair and I don’t have webbed toes, but at a size 8 they’re not exactly the daintiest of trotters.

The thing is, since I’ve started running there’s no escaping the fact they’ve got a bit gross. We’re talking dry heels, the odd blister or two, snapped toenails and after trudging through endless muddy puddles the stench coming from my trainers is a force to be reckoned with. So, imagine my absolute delight, and my husband’s relief, at being sent three footcare products to review.

Will these make my feet summer ready?

All three products are from footcare specialists Carnation Footcare, who have been treating feet for 85 years, so they should know what they’re on about!

Let’s deal with the hideous hoof stench first…

Shoe Deodoriser

These little hessian sacks are filled with granules of natural moso bamboo charcoal, which is known for its highly porous surface. Just like a sponge, it draws in excess moisture and as soon as the damp element has been removed, the threat of any nasty smells is greatly reduced too. It’s simply a case of placing a pouch in each offending shoe, the charcoal works it’s magic and et voilà fresh, deodorised footwear.

The first time you use them, it’s recommended that you leave them in your shoes for a period of 48 hours. However, for any subsequent uses they only need to be left in overnight after each wear. And the best bit is they don’t ever need to be cleaned. Nope, if you start to notice that they perhaps aren’t as effective as they used to be, all you do is place them out in sunlight for a couple of hours each month. This works by recharging the charcoal, I guess by giving it a complete dry out sesh, until it’s back to full absorption power ready to save your stinky day.

Where deodorising foot sprays and insoles have failed me in the past, these natural pouches did exactly as promised. They provided easy, long lasting freshness and you can’t really argue with that.

Tip Toes Invisible Gel Cushions

Oh my goodness, if you wear heels you seriously need these in your life, because these simple barely there gel cushions are the answer to that burning sole sensation I’m sure many of you have experienced. They are designed to fit snugly and discretely into most shoe types, whilst helping to prevent soreness and pain in the balls of the feet – the bit that takes the most pressure and weight. They are particularly beneficial when used in high heels, as this is when the feet are held at an unnatural angle, often for long periods of time, and well we all know what it’s like after a few shandies and the DJ plays Dancing Queen, right girls?! 😉 I’m not saying these gel cushions are going to completely take away the pain of ill fitting shoes, but from own experience I know that they help out considerably and I wouldn’t even think about going out in high heels without them…not that I get much of a chance to go out in high heels these days (hint to husband!).

WARNING – Look away now if you don’t like feet!

Ewww I know, just look at that skanky bit of skin hanging off and those poor excuse for toenails, right it’s time to bring out Billy big guns…

Silky Feet Hard Skin Remover

Looking somewhat like a Lady Shave, this lightweight device is actually for removing dry skin from your feet, but will it be able to handle mine? I’m not exactly what you’d call a high maintenance kinda girl, I literally can’t be bothered, but when the sun makes an appearance of course I want to get out the flip flops and at the moment it’s just plain embarrassing. Let’s hope this hard skin remover does what the packaging says it will.

The streamlined roller spins at 40 revolutions per second and it kind of reminds me of a woodworking tool I used once to smooth off a wooden kitchen roll holder I made during a DT lesson at school many, many moons ago. And I guess that’s exactly what it’s doing to the skin on my feet; buffing and smoothing to reveal the fresh, polished layers below. Well, good luck getting past the ancient, yellowed elephant skin my friend, because those deep down layers haven’t seen the light of day in a loooooooooong time.

The one thing you do have to be careful of is to avoid pressing on one area for too long and to also avoid any areas of broken or damaged skin, otherwise you are going to really know about it. Oh and be prepared for lots and lots of skin powder. I know, skin powder, what a gross term, but I seriously don’t know what else to call it because that’s exactly what falls off your feet as you buff. My feet were so in need of it, they actually clogged the machine up (bleurgh I know, TMI!), but the head is removable so you just need to tap out the skin powder (double bleurgh) and then it’s good to go again.

Although, it sounds like quite a barbaric procedure, it doesn’t hurt in the slightest and in fact the tingling sensation makes it feel as though you’re getting a bit of a foot massage at the same time. I was really impressed by this product; it left my heels infinitely smoother and I honestly think with regular use it could sort out at least that part of my foot problem (the toenails are a whole different ball game!).

All of these products are available online from the Carnation Footcare website as well as from Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and other independent pharmacies.

*Product gifted for review

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