Do It Yourself Massage


After all the stress we experience everyday, from school, work, studying, parenting, we tend to try and do things to help us relax. We…

How To Stay Contented


Remaining contented throughout your life is a big ask but an important one. Contented people have fewer health issues, are more likely to enjoy…

Healthy Ways To Be Happy


These days it can feel like the age of anxiety is winning over the pursuit of happiness. An uncertain economy is just the tip…

blacl and white photo of a woman stoof with her back to the camera on a pier overlooking the sea.

Improving Your Emotional Health


Many people focus on their physical well-being by eating right, exercising and visiting the doctor, but often they neglect something equally as important–their emotional…

How To Be Contented & Happy


I’ve been rather pondering a particular topic rather deeply recently. What’s the difference between happiness and contentedness? I’m pretty sure they’re not the same…