Chiropractic Care For Pregnancy – How Chiropractors Help Mothers-To-Be

Chiropractic care covers the overall health and maintenance of the spine, discs, and all related nerves and bones, without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. Essentially, it is an art form that involves carefully adjusting the spine and any other misaligned joints in the body that may be causing pain.

This type of treatment helps reduce nerve compression and stress, which promotes the overall health and wellbeing of the body. Learn more about the different types of chiropractic adjustments here.

Now, we all know that routine prenatal doctor visits, combined with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are a huge part of having a healthy pregnancy. But many woman are surprised to learn that chiropractic treatment is also an excellent addition to their prenatal healthcare.

In fact, gentle chiropractic treatments are completely safe and are a very effective type of prenatal care, which can provide women with an effective form of pain relief during their pregnancies. Non-invasive adjustments can help properly adjust the baby’s position, making birthing easier significantly easier on the mother.

Additionally, chiropractic treatments are known to help mothers with postnatal pain and can provide a whole host of other benefits as well.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

During and after pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through an extensive amount of both physiological and endocrinological changes.

As the baby grows, the body begins changing. The abdomen begins to protrude, ligaments and muscles tend to relax, which causes the curvature of the spine to increase. Unfortunately, this can cause a significant amount of pain.

Fortunately, regular visits to a chiropractor can help a woman’s body adapt to these changes, as well as treating any other musculoskeletal changes that are associated with the pregnancy.

Furthermore, chiropractors can help establish proper pelvic balance and alignment, which helps the baby into the best position for an easier delivery.

Read more about the Webster technique here:

The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care And Pregnancy

As you can see, by adding a licensed chiropractic to their prenatal healthcare team, pregnant women can experience a whole host a benefits. According the American Pregnancy Association (APA), here are just a few more of the potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy.

  • Relieves neck, back and joint pain
  • Helps control symptoms of nausea
  • Maintains an overall healthier pregnancy
  • Helps reduce labor and delivery time
  • Prevents potential deliveries by cesarean section

Prior to receiving a chiropractic adjustment, most pregnant women report lower back pain relief caused by their pregnancy. Compared to traditional forms of pain treatment, chiropractic care offers a safe and non-pharmaceutical form of pain relief. You can learn more about chiropractic care during pregnancy by visiting

Are Chiropractic Treatments Safe During Pregnancy?

To date, there have not been any known contraindications to undergoing chiropractic treatment during pregnancy. In fact, chiropractors are experienced and trained to perform treatment on women who are pregnant.

Therefore, investing in the fertility and overall well-being of pregnant women is a routine form of healthcare provided by all chiropractors.

There are even certain chiropractors who seek additional education and training to take a specialized approach to both pre and postnatal care.

Chiropractors who have been trained to perform treatment on pregnant women usually use adjustment tables that are designed specifically to match a pregnant woman’s body. Furthermore, they will always use special techniques for the adjustments which avoid any unnecessary pressure on the woman’s abdomen.

Finally, chiropractors trained to meet the needs of women who are pregnant can also provide a range of stretches and exercises that are safe during pregnancy and will help strengthen core muscles to better support the spine. Read about exercises to increase core strength here.

Speak With Your Healthcare Provider

Although chiropractic treatment is perfectly safe during pregnancy, it’s still recommended to speak to your physician or prenatal healthcare provider before undergoing any form of treatment. If they are not wholly familiar with chiropractic treatment during pregnancy, it’s a good idea to ask them to learn more about its benefits and how it can be incorporated into your healthcare routine.

In the end, it’s important to seek out options that support the body’s natural ability to function properly and build a team of care providers that are respectful of your choices in regard to your pregnancy.

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