Choosing a Fitbit Charge: 3, 4 or 5?

Remember the Fitbit Flex? When this slim and comfortable wristband with its five little LEDs hit the market in 2013, it seemed like everyone had one. The Flex changed the whole concept of fitness, making it normal and even fashionable to wear a tracker as you went about your day. Soon, the narrow black bracelet was the must-have accessory for anyone who cared about their health.

Eight years later, the newest Fitbit is eagerly anticipated by runners, hikers, swimmers and fitness freaks all over the world. With a great range of different models as well as frequent updates, it’s tempting to buy the newest version of your preferred Fitbit as soon as it comes out. But these helpful little devices are so robust and long-lasting that there’s often no need to rush into an upgrade. The Fitbit Charge 3 is a case in point. Read on to find out more about this model, and how it compares with its successors, the Charge 4 and Charge 5.

Everyday versatility

Compared to the original Fitbit Flex, the Charge 3 is a world away. The aluminium body and detachable strap make it look more like a chic watch than a fitness tracker, but it’s fully swim-safe and can be worn all day and night. The seven-day battery life and one to two-hour charging time mean that you’ll hardly need to take it off.

With a greyscale OLED display, you can see your step count with a quick glance at your wrist. The display also shows the time and date, and you can receive app, phone, text and calendar notifications by pairing the Charge 3 with your smartphone. While you can’t tap out whole messages using the screen, Android users can send a customised “quick reply” if a text is just too important to wait.

The Charge 3 also has an advanced heart monitor and sleep tracker, allowing you ongoing insight into your state of health. In short, it’s a highly functional fitness tracker that also works pretty well as a smartwatch. A powerful combination!

Which One?

If you have a Charge 3 already, you might be wondering whether you should upgrade to the 4 or 5. The answer is – it depends. For many Fitbit users, the Charge 3 has enough functions to cover all their everyday requirements. If you’re happy enough with yours but fancy changing things up a bit, why not choose a new Fitbit Charge 3 strap from the range available online and give your tracker a makeover?

However, regular runners are likely to appreciate the onboard GPS of the 4 and 5, meaning you don’t need to carry your smartphone every time you head out. The Charge 5 also has more sophisticated health tools, including EDA and ECG sensors. For advanced users, the newer models are well worth it. The price of the Charge 4 has also dropped since the 5 was released, making it a great budget option for serious Fitbit fans.

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