All You Need To Know About Cleaning The Air In Your Home

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Things like electronics and furnishings may contaminate the air at home. Other sources of air contamination at home include; smoking, renovating and cleaning. It can help if you regularly keep your house clean, which if you’re not up to the job yourself you can always use the services of a company like Modern Maids, who offer house cleaning Las Vegas, and various other locations, to ensure a thorough job. However, the contamination may reach unsafe levels of air pollution and so sometimes people may need to use cleaning systems.

The air at home can be two to five times more polluted and toxic than the air we breathe outside. Things like allergies and other health issues are sometimes brought about by polluted air. To keep the air at home safe, we recommend cleaning your air filters often and only using the best cleaning systems.

Here’s how you can keep the air at home clean:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Each year more than four hundred people die and many others fall sick or seek medical help due to getting exposed to carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odourless gas and has early symptoms similar to those of flu, which means it is often too late and often goes undetected.

Keep yourself and your family safe by installing a detector in your home. Detectors are cheap and can be easily bought both online and from high street shops. Additionally, ensure you carry out mass air flow sensor cleaning and have any fuel-burning equipment at your home checked by a technician once every year.

Air Conditioning

If you have central air conditioning within your home, then that means you have an entire-house filtration system. The best home air conditioner functions by pulling air out of the house, cooling it and pumping it back out. Many of these cleaning systems contain a filter that needs to be replaced regularly as it is the filter that traps particles when it is performing its job correctly. However, we recommend replacing it more often than needed for optimum performance. Also, ensure to check the type of air conditioning unit that you have and read the recommendations of the manufacturer when it comes to replacing your filter.


Purifiers are also great air cleaning systems since they can minimize the number of dangerous particles in the air. If you are suffering from asthma, we recommend having a purifier in your room. In combination with the best whole house humidifier, this will have a wonderful effect on your lungs. There are several websites online where you can get advice about the best home purifier to buy.

Create More Ventilation

If you cannot afford the best air cleaning systems then consider increasing the ventilation within your home. Ventilation can lower the level of moisture, which is a serious issue for the quality of air at home. Ventilation does not imply leaving your window open allowing air pollution from outside to enter the house. What it means is that you should create trickle vents to clean and cycle the air breathed within the home.

There is another good alternative which is to use exhaust fans. An exhaust fan can be the best air filter home equipment since it assists in carrying pollutants out of the house. We recommend ventilating the kitchen since cooking is one of the main sources of air pollution at home, especially if you are using a gas stove. In fact, research has shown that cooking one meal using a gas stove can release high levels of nitrogen dioxide which are not safe to human beings.

We also recommend venting out steam and moisture after taking a shower. If left, moisture and steam can lead to the growth of mildew and mould, which are detrimental to health.

Grooming Pets

If you live with pets, pet dander (pet skin cells) can be found almost everywhere within the house. The dander can cause the house occupants to have symptoms of asthma or it can increase asthma to those who already have it.

We recommend minimizing the pet dander by regularly cleaning your pets. Also, it is good to vacuum floors and furnishings often using a HEPA filter.

Airing Out New Furniture

Volatile organic compound chemicals are found in the air within homes. Some compounds like benzene and toluene exist in things such as paint, glue and construction equipment. The moment you get a new chair or sofa, be aware that it will produce volatile organic compounds more heavily in the beginning. To minimize the danger brought about by these compounds, we suggest that you air out your furniture to make the compounds escape. If this is not possible, then you can keep your sofa or chair in a garage for seven days. If you have no place to keep them, then ensure you leave the windows of the room where your sofa or chair is open for the best part of a day during the first months.

Did you find this information useful? There are other air purifying methods, such as air cleaning plants, using non-toxic chemicals and more. Which method or which air cleaning systems are you using to keep the atmosphere in your home safe? Comment below and ask us any questions you may have about cleaning the air in your home.

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