Conflicts Over Parenting Styles: What Is Happening When Parenting Styles Differ?

People differ in many aspects – that’ obvious. We all have different personalities, preferences, needs, and this variety can be easily seen when it comes to parenting. Why? It’s an area of life that needs a lot of engagement and passing our values to kids. The matter is even more complicated by the fact that there are usually two people involved in raising children. What if their parenting styles don’t match each other?

Different Styles, Different Parents

What is a parenting style? It could be described as a wholesome attitude to raising children, the values the children are supposed to have, and lifestyle connected with it. For example, someone can be a totally liberal parent and let the kids do whatever they want in order to embrace freedom. Meanwhile, another parent can have more strict views on that. This conflict may be difficult on a daily basis when one parent wants to have fun and take the kids to PDplay, a shopping centre or an aquapark, while the other one insists on staying at home and studying.

What Is The Problem With Parenting Styles?

When parenting styles are totally different, it’s probable that the conflict will appear in the family – if parents have different views and needs when it comes to child raising, they are likely to argue every time such an issue occurs. This may have negative effects not only on parents but  also on children. Kids may get a fake and dangerous picture of a family where everybody quarrels and there is no peace or agreement.

How To Overcome The Differences?

Although it may be challenging in some cases, it is actually possible to overcome parenting differences and finally reach an agreement. However, in order to do it, both parents need to understand the issue and cooperate. They could make a list of their parenting attitudes and needs, and try to find some things they have in common. If reaching a consensus is not possible, it’s a good idea to try therapy. You can read about some help in this field, for example, on this website.


Raising children may be a challenge, especially for people with strong beliefs and personalities. However, it’s sometimes necessary to reach a compromise in order to make the child feel safe and strong, so that their life isn’t distorted by constant disagreements of the parents.

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