Corkcicle Canteen and Tumbler Review

Jeez it’s been hot hasn’t it?! I love a bit of sunshine, but when it hits full pelt with very little warning it can leave you feeling very unprepared. I mean I haven’t yet had time to sort out all my summer clothes; my drawers are still rammed with big chunky jumpers and the coat hooks still have scarves hanging from them, and I haven’t yet taken out another mortgage for the annual sun lotion buying trip; seriously why is something so important, so expensive!, and as for being beach body ready, well enough said about that the better!

Us Brits love a good moan about the weather; we’re never happy…we don’t like the rain because it’s too…well…wet, we don’t like the sun because it’s too…hot, we don’t like the wind because it’s too…windy and we don’t like the snow because surprise, surprise it’s too…cold! In fact by my estimation there’s probably just one day a year that manages to pass the strict British weather test. But it is what it is and as I constantly tell my kids ‘I can’t control the weather’, all we can do is be prepared for it.

So with that being the case, it’s time to get kitted out for this pre-summer heatwave we’re experiencing and the first step is hydration. Yep, proper hydration is absolutely essential in the heat, as we sweat way more than normal and the risk of suffering from headaches, lethargy, sickness, feeling faint and at worst dehydration dramatically increases. My top tip is to carry a water bottle around with you at all times so that you can take a sip as and when you need it, but obviously as the day heats up so too does your bottle, and there’s nothing so unrefreshing as a lukewarm drink.

Keeping Your Drink Cool

As a blogger I get sent a lot of stuff to review (seriously you should see my dining room!) which is obviously fantastic, I love receiving so many parcels, but it’s not very often that something arrives and I think ‘Ooooo this is exactly what I need right now’. But in the crazy heat we’ve been having recently I was very much in need of something that could keep my drinks super chilled.

Cue the…

Corkcicle 16 oz. Canteen

Available in a range of bang on trend colours – Red, Matte Black, Hawaiian Blue, Granite, Caribbean Green, Copper, Merlot, Lilac, Grey, Peach Echo, Pink, Rose Quartz, Steel and Turquoise – the beauty of the Corkcicle Tumbler is that you can literally colour co-ordinate it your outfit. I of course chose Graphite, because well I like something that goes with everything, and I think it looks proper sophisticated.

But aside from the colour, what else has it got going for it?


  • Triple insulated walls means your drink is in good hands – it can keep your drinks cool for 25 hours and hot for 12.
  •  It’s got a non slip bottom – less risk of spillage.
  • Easy grip sides – subtle indents that make holding it a whole lot easier, even with slippy sun cream hands.
  • No sweaty bottles – who else hates it when their drinks sweat, leaving condensation soaking through all those important documents, packs of tissues and stray £5 notes in your bag?
  • It’s 100% recyclable.
  • It comes in three different sizes – 9oz, 16oz and 25oz (which I’m reliably informed holds a whole bottle of wine – picnic goals!)

It looks the biz and yes I know, I know looks aren’t everything, but seriously…anyone who’s anyone needs a drinks container that’s Insta perfect, right?

There are just two things I’ve got a bit of a problem with and that’s 1) it scratches really easy – I put mine in my bag along with my keys (fairly standard handbag contents) and it came out scratched, 2) it’s not dishwasher safe – always a bummer, but on the upside it does clean up really well and there are no hidden places for smoothie froth to get dried into.

And then there’s the Tumbler. It has pretty much the same spec as the Canteen, although is only available in two sizes – 16oz and 24oz. This is perfect for those morning smoothies and juices on the go, or for keeping your protein shake cool ready for that post-workout refreshment. I went for the Turquoise version, to keep in line with The Art of Healthy Living brand, but it’s also available in Red, Matte Black, Hawaiian Blue, Caribbean Green, Graphite, Copper, Merlot, Lilac, Matt Grey, Peach Echo, Riviera, Pink, Rose Quartz and Steel.

The Corkcicle Tumbler has the capability to keep your drinks cold for up to 9 hours, which is twice as long as a standard plastic tumbler, and having taken it with me to an extremely hot and stuffy business expo I went to recently, I can vouch for how well it kept my smoothie chilled. Like the Canteen, it can also be used for hot drinks and will keep them drinkably warm for up to 3 hours. It comes complete with a removable clear lid with an open and shut drink hatch, which although isn’t 100% leak proof, it is a handy feature for drinking on the go.

Benefits? Well aside from it’s cooling and heating properties, it is also exactly the right size to fit into a car cup holder and that also means it’s buggy friendly too – shout out to those buggyfit mamas!

I’m all for keeping things environmentally friendly, and by having a good quality, reusable Tumbler or Canteen like these by Corkcicle it will save so many disposable cups heading to landfill. And not just that, think of all the money you’ll save making your own juices and coffees instead of spending a small fortune on visiting your usual morning haunt.

Products that look swish and do exactly as they promise? Well you can’t really go wrong with that, can you?!

Both the Canteen and Tumbler can be bought from the Corkcicle retail partner Root7.


 *Products gifted for review
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