Creative Ways To Save Water At Home

Water is at the very heart of healthy living, but if you feel as if you’re wasting a ton of water at home, don’t worry you’re not alone. The average family uses as much as 400 gallons of water per day and not only are you charged for the water itself but you are also charged when it goes down the drain. So you could be quite literally flushing your hard-earned money down the toilet.

If you are searching for creative ways to conserve, here are a few helpful tips on how to save water at home.

Saving Water Indoors

Wasted indoor water is a big problem in many homes and it usually takes place between bathrooms and kitchen. Fortunately for bathroom and kitchen water use you can try a few simple solutions that can help you save your water. From toilet flushes, to running sinks, running showers and bathtubs, bathroom water accounts for roughly 60% of all water used in the home. Similarly, running kitchen taps can account for 18-26% of the home’s overall water consumption.

To remedy this, try the following water conservation tips:

Update Fixtures – If your budget permits, install low flow toilets that use only a third of the water as compared to much older toilets. Also, install aerators on taps that work by mixing the water flow with air so that less water comes through the tap itself.

Turn the Tap Off – Another great way to preserve water is to turn the water off while brushing your teeth or shaving. The same idea is true for washing dishes. When it comes to saving water in the kitchen, fill up the sink with water as you wash the dishes by hand so that gallons of water do not get wasted down the drain. If you rely on a dishwasher, fill it to capacity before switching on, as it will fill up with water regardless of whether there is only one dish or all your dishes are to be washed.

Fix Leaks Immediately – It is also important to prioritize any leaks that you find around the home. Keep in mind that one small leak can add up to gallons upon gallons of wasted water as time goes on.

Reduce Showering Time – If you like to take long, hot showers you can substantially save water by cutting your showering time in half. If this is not an option however, consider installing low flow shower heads that reduce the amount of water that flows from the tap.

Full Loads of Laundry – When it comes to laundry, consider only washing full loads to ensure you get the most from your water. Also consider washing clothes in cold water where possible to help cut costs on your heating bill. Energy Star washing machines are another great way to ensure you are maximizing your potential savings.

Saving Water Outdoors

Outdoor water consumption is just as important as indoor consumption. From gardening to weekly car washes, you could be wasting just as much water outside as you are inside.

To save water in your yard try the following:

Use A Bucket for Car Washes – Instead of using the hose to wash your car try filling up a bucket a few times to get the job done. The average car wash uses about 35 gallons of water per wash with garden hoses spraying 10 gallons per minute. Instead, opt for a more frugal alternative when it comes to washing your car for big savings on your water bill.

Smart Gardening – Similarly, using a hose to water your garden can also amount to wasted water at home. Instead of using your hose, fill a watering can to replenish your plants. This will also ensure you save water and also prevent you from over watering your plants.

It is possible for you to start saving water today and to cut back on consumption in meaningful ways. Try any of these very simple and creative steps to save water at home and reap the benefits on your next energy bill, while also doing your bit to save the planet.

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  1. says: Sophie

    Brilliant post, Ashley! I’ve become a lot more aware of my water usage recently and I’m constantly looking for tips on how to lower it. Leaks can be a real problem in terms of water wastage so I always get my local plumber round if I think that I have a problem. And, although long showers can be very relaxing, they’re not so great when you think about how much water you’re using!

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