Decided It’s Time To Lead A Healthy Life? Here Are 6 Useful Tips For Beginners

Embarking on a health journey can be one of the most rewarding things you do in your life. Not only does living healthier increase your life expectancy, but it also makes you happier and more energetic within the first few hours of beginning. The following will explore a few excellent tips for people just beginning their health journey, so that you too can lead a healthy life.

1. Smaller Consistent Habits Are Better Than Big Rare Ones

Whenever trying to make changes in your life, it’s better to make smaller changes that are consistent than to make every change you’ve ever heard of for two weeks before burning out. It’s a good idea to focus on one new habit at a time and devote your time and energy to that habit for at least a month before adding or removing something new. This means you can make about 12 lasting changes each month. When it comes to things that impact your digestion or gut bacteria, like adding in more fiber or probiotics, this is especially important. Your gut bacteria needs gradual changes if you want to avoid cramps, bloating, and gas.

2. Get Ready For The Internal Struggle

Whenever you’re making changes in your life, you’re going to come face-to-face with beliefs you have that limit your potential and maybe even harm you. This is completely normal. We were all raised in the same school system with the same television commercials and by parents within the same range of generations who often read the same hyper-misleading parenting books. Everyone has damaging beliefs. Whenever the desire to quit pops up, it will probably be accompanied by a thought like, “Well, it’s easy for her, she started only 20lbs overweight, or “Well, of course, he can do it; he’s got the money to pay for all the fancy stuff.” Every time a thought like this occurs, remind yourself that thoughts aren’t always true, and then seek out an example of someone who disproved the thought. Someone who started in far worse shape than you did or someone who started with less money than you did.

3. Get Ready For The External Struggle

Anyone who starts healthy habits and sticks to them will run into this at some point. When you’re doing something that other people aren’t doing because it’s good for you, people will get abrasive from time to time. People get defensive or offensive when you’re making a better choice than they are in their presence. To mitigate this, definitely avoid ranting about how much more energized you feel and only share health tips if someone asks. Yes, it’s hard to keep everything you’ve learned to yourself when you feel so much better, but people don’t like unsolicited advice and tend to dig their heels in, meaning that offering unrequested advice can actually result in a person being less healthy for the remainder of their life.

4. Good Water Is Your Best Friend (BUT Most Water Is Bad)

You probably know you need to be drinking more water to lead a healthy life. It’s vital for every aspect of health. You’re probably unaware of how terrible most water quality is. As recommended by the experts at, research different filtration options regardless of where you live. Townships chlorinate the water they provide to kill bacteria, despite knowing that this increases cancer risk. Microplastics galore are floating in bottled water causing endless hormone issues which in turn impact weight, sleep, mood, relationships, sexuality, and energy levels (and no, BPA-free plastic isn’t okay, it’s simply plastic with one toxin removed—there’s still a ton of other toxins present). Low levels of SSRIs, birth control, and other prescription medications are in city water as well. People take these medications, then excrete them into the water system in the form of urine. Of course, this water is filtered before it gets back into your home, but medication filtering isn’t included.

5. Sugar Is Enemy Number One

When it comes to health at the moment, no enemy is more hardcore than sugar. It has snuck into almost everything we eat with devastating effects. Sugar is linked to every chronic illness and mood disorder that we know about. Cutting out anything with added sugar can make a world of difference (once you get through the sugar withdrawal symptoms, that is). Be prepared; sugar is in way more stuff than you realize. While you’re in the process of cutting it, you might find yourself in relationship arguments or having struggles with your boss or children. This is the withdrawal; addictions are sneaky, and they know exactly what needs to happen to get you to break down and seek out a sugary treat.

6. Learn To Read Labels

Given that more people than ever are seeking out healthy foods, marketing companies are thriving on making food appear healthy that isn’t. Take the time to learn to read ingredient lists and sugar content breakdowns on labels. Research things you don’t recognize, and quickly you’ll discover the tricks marketers use. For instance, ascorbic acid is often listed as an ingredient that gives you vitamin C, but when you research it, you’ll discover that it’s only one component of whole-food vitamin C and doesn’t offer the same benefits.

The above information should help you embark on your health journey to lead a healthy life. As long as you’re open to learning and happy to take a bit longer in the grocery store, you’ll begin to reap some stellar rewards.

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