Emergency Response To Dog Bites: Steps To Take After An Attack

Dogs are man’s best friends and they love to play, but between the growls and wagging of the tail, the attack can come. Those so-called canine teeth can bite or scratch. Or it could be that you are just strolling along the street and you can be bitten by an unknown dog without provocation. As we have seen, dogs have always been perceived as men’s best friends, but even these pets can turn around and attack.

Of course, victims might not know what to do in the moments following the dog bite, however, not taking certain steps is a very grave mistake that will greatly decrease your chances of trying to get the fullest compensation.

As with any other accident and injury case, there are some measures that you ought to enhance as well as protect your likelihood of recovering on all grounds throughout the injury-related losses. The following are a few of the things that you should do in case you have been bitten by a dog.

Don’t Delay Your Consultation With The Lawyer

After being attacked by a dog, there are various steps one is supposed to take; one of which is consulting an attorney that specializes in dog bite cases. They can therefore help to explain the law to you, fight for your cause, and ensure that you get the necessary justice and compensation that you deserve. Any decent lawyer, such as Atlanta dog bite lawyers, will look at all the facts of a case, determine who is responsible for the problem, and then relay back the options that are available. Ensure to write the most detailed description of the incident and your medical history.

Dog bites can cause injuries and leave one scarred for life psychologically. Most individuals are frustrated and prefer staying home or waiting until they are in a better condition to seek a lawyer’s help. However, waiting in a lawsuit can be disadvantageous to your case and lower your possibility of claiming compensation.

The sooner you seek an attorney to help, the better things will be for you. The earlier they begin developing a strategy and preparing for your case, the better the chance of winning the case. This is a call to action – let a professional move you to the next level.

Collect All The Possible Evidence

When gathering evidence, it is necessary to underline that well-grounded evidence definitely upholds a strong case. Ideally, you should take photos of the bite wounds you sustain, the scene of the incident, and the dog, if possible. Obtain the name and contact details of the owner of the dog and any other person who was around during the incident.

In case you are near a security camera, take pictures of the area and ask for a copy of the video quickly. Such evidence can be a game changer in the entire case. Of course, once you engage a lawyer, they will follow the process of gathering evidence on your behalf. They can go to the scene, interview the witnesses, collect recording videos from the scene, and capture a picture. They will also explain to you other kinds of evidence that may assist your case.

You Shouldn’t Be Neglectful When It Comes To Medical Advice

Follow your doctor’s order to the letter and receive your dog bite treatment and therapy in full compliance with the recommendations given to you. The above not only helps you to heal but also shows devotion to your health and wellbeing. It will be used by the defense in any failure to follow medical advice to prove that you are exaggerating the seriousness of the injuries.

Detailed Records Are Of Great Help

In case of a dog bite, it is essential that each aspect surrounding the incident is recorded. Collect all your documents like hospital receipts, prescriptions, invoices, or any costs you incurred due to the bite.

You may also want to maintain your diary as the bite may impact your physical and emotional well-being. It can be related to any discomfort you are experiencing, whether physical or emotional, treatment you are receiving, or a condition you are suffering from, and how it affects your life. These kinds of notes may go a long way in painting a picture of what you are going through as well as ensuring that you are fairly compensated.

Be Wary Of Social Networks

It is also important not to talk about the dog bite incident or any information concerning your case on social media. Insurance providers and defense lawyers analyze posts to find anything that will help them undermine your case.

This is particularly advised since revealing these details can potentially harm the progress of your legal after, so the recommendation is to keep it offline. Literally, any text or photo that is published, even if it seems innocent at the time of being posted, can be twisted in a court of law. Wait and do not post anything on social media till your case is closed, be very careful and vigilant.

Don’t Think Twice When It Comes To Reporting The Incident

Do not forget to notify the local animal control or health department about the dog bite incident. Informing them this way assures that the dog is taken for a close check to avoid such mishaps recurring. Moreover, it helps to establish official documentation of a case, which can be rather useful for your case.

If you are bitten by a dog, you should know that every state has a website where you can make a report. For instance, New York City’s Health Department has an online animal bite form. Go to the website that corresponds to your area and immediately file a report on the incident. Do not procrastinate – it is important to get it done swiftly.

This not only helps to avoid the escalation of the situation but also saves people from possible aggression from the same dog. Timely action can make the most important difference in the course of events and in the development of legal provisions.

One can conclude that these kinds of attacks from dogs are not extraneous or infrequent, instead, they are quite common. As such, it is not a bad idea to be ready for such a possible scenario. As for this, preparation is a necessity when it comes to it. So remember these few tips and be ready to deal with any dog accident without a fuss.

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