Extracts From My Teenage Diary – April 1993

Teenagers eh? They’re their own special breed aren’t they? Opinionated, hormonal, and always think they’re right about bloody everything. We’ve all been there. And because I fancied myself as a bit of a writer in my teens, I of course kept a diary, which as you probably know I’ve been sharing with you all. My teenage self would I’m sure be absolutely horrified about the fact her thoughts were being shared with the world. 4o something year old me however finds it absolutely hilarious and hope that you lot do too.

My teenage diary in April 1993 sees plenty of fashion faux pas’ (denim waistcoat, white bodysuit wtf was I thinking!??!), hatred of my parents (ummm well yeah, standard teenage behaviour), and an obsession with earning and spending money (2p to do the drying up – robbed!). If my kids think they’ve got it bad, perhaps they should take a look at this 😉

Take a look at my teenage diary below:

Thursday 1st April

I’ve just seen next doors’ son. He’s so lush and he’s MY next door neighbour! Arnold didn’t take any notice of me. Sometimes our eyes would meet though. Today Petunia’s friend came. She understood little English and vice versa with French. We resorted to sign language.

Friday 2nd April

Today we had to show our drama plays it was so embarrassing, but I suppose that’s one of the things you have to go through in life. Arnold told me I was good at drama. I’m staying at Sheila’s and so far I’ve forgotten my nightshirt.

Saturday 3rd April

Phone kennels! I did this and a man answered and said his wife will phone me when she gets back. On Tuesday we’re going into Bath and I’ve got about £10 to spend on clothes which means I won’t get much. My lush next door neighbour is staying until he knows if he’s got into Leicester University. He wants to do a degree in Art. It’s so lush, his window is virtually opposite mine as  well as the bathroom one.

Sunday 4th April

I’m  not sure I like him any more. I saw him outside and he doesn’t look quite as nice. They’ve got two cats and they’re really cute. Still haven’t heard from the kennels which means I’ll have to phone back tomorrow. I’m also going to phone Mrs Beck about netball. Her name’s not in the book so she’s either ex-directory or she’s moved.

Monday 5th April

PERIOD! In ten minutes I’ve got to phone Mrs Beck and the boarding kennels. I’m so nervous. I’m sure they’ll think I’m being too fussy, but I suppose I have to be if I want to go there. I finished my English. Can’t wait till tomorrow because we’re going into Bath. I’m going to get a white body hopefully cheap in C&A.

Tuesday 6th April

Today I didn’t buy any clothes. I tried on a white body but it didn’t suit me. Instead I bought a lip pencil, East 17 single, lip care, lip sealer, and a black hairband. Now I’m saving my money to buy a denim waistcoat for £16.99 in New Look. I should be able to afford it at the end of April.

Wednesday 7th April

Phoned about netball and she said she’d send me a list of club names through the post. I went to the doctors about my cough and he gave me some medicine. He also gave me my tetanus jab just in case I got bit by a dog when I go to the kennels. Everyone at school will have one probably next year.

Thursday 8th April

I’ll be going to the kennels a week on Friday. I had a small argument with the family today about football. They took absolutely no notice of what I was saying. I don’t like the boy next door any more he’s really weird, a typical student even though he hasn’t been accepted yet. Tomorrow TT are on a programme lasting an hour and twenty minutes.

Friday 9th April

I’m writing this in the morning because this afternoon we’re going to Reading and stopping the night and I don’t trust my family to not look at you. Today I received catalogue 11 from CTG. Yesterday Mum got one but I told her it was mine so now I’ve got two. I feel dead guilty but I get two free samples out of it.

Saturday 10th April

Went into Reading town centre with Mum and Aunty Karen. I bought a denim waistcoat and a white lycra top. Mum bought me two 34A bras which cost her £9.98, it makes me laugh. I got £5 off of Aunty Karen, £5 off of Grandad and £2 and egg off of Grandma and Grandad. Next weekend Aunty Suzanne and Adam should becoming down. This will be the first time they have seen the house.

Sunday 11th April

To make sure I have some money spare I’ve got to wash the cars every Saturday but because it was raining today and we were out yesterday I’ve got to do it tomorrow. I cleaned the brass for a pound. Sheila’s back. She says she bought me a necklace because she won’t be going away in the summer. Take That were on The Ozone. Mark is so lush it’s unbelievable.

Monday 12th April

Today I washed both cars, cleaned all the animals out and now I’m totally knackered. Mum says if there’s any mud left on the car next time I’ll only get £2. Think I’ll use a sponge next time instead of that brush thingy. I’ve found a way to put my hair up. Mum says it looks really trendy. I don’t know whether I’ve got the nerve to wear it to school.

Tuesday 13th April

I’m sleeping at Sheila’s tonight. We babysat for Geraldine. I don’t know whether she’ll pay us or not, she hasn’t yet. Sheila gave me a postcard of Mark and if his trousers were lowered just a little bit more, well. She also gave me the necklace. It’s really nice. She’s got one as well. We went on a bike ride, went to the shop twice and worked out to a fitness video that Sheila got from a magazine.

Wednesday 14th April

I got Smash Hits. I was supposed to get it from the shop because I’ve reserved it every fortnight but they hadn’t come in yet so Mum got me a copy from MW in Chippenham. I feel dead guilty. I got a massive poster of Take That, a folder and cardboard model of Tony, East 17. Inside is a form to fill in and you send it in and you could get to meet the star of your choice. The trouble is you need a photo and the ones I’ve got of me are crap.

Thursday 15th April

I mowed the lawns for £1.48 and then did the drying up for 2p to round it up. That means I have a total of £8.60. I’m using this to buy some jeans at £16.99 from Kays. I’ll get £5 from my postal account because I’m not getting the Take That mug any more. I was going to go on a diet but it didn’t last very long so I gave  up but I did about 30 mins exercise.

Friday 16th April

Going to kennels. It was really good. I got to walk most of the dogs even though one of them refused to walk until her friend came with her. They’re looking after a fox cub of 3 weeks and they’ve got two beagle puppies. I’m babysitting for Winnie with Sheila tonight. Sent off my Take That order. I bought another Smash Hits and I gave it to Sheila because I felt guilty because I’d bought it elsewhere.

Saturday 17th April

Aunty Suzanne came down with Adam. In the afternoon we went into town. I bought a black top, white scrunchie, and an ear clip like Mark’s. Sheila’s parents are getting divorced. Sheila will live with Rose and Stan with Norbert. She can’t stand her dad but I want to know what she’s really feeling. I want to be someone she can rely and lean on. After all I am her best friend.

Sunday 18th April

I’ve been revising for a French test but I haven’t been really concentrating and I know I should be. Last night I tidied my bedroom thoroughly and have even co-ordinated my wardrobe. I won’t have to buy any more clothes for the summer but I just have to make sure my bum doesn’t get any fatter else I won’t be able to squeeze into my shorts and I haven’t got any money to get some more.

Monday 19th April

School wasn’t too bad apart from French and Tech. Yesterday night Dad took the old three piece out and we had to sit on the floor. Me and A were doing gymnastics on our duvets. The new three piece has come and it’s totally gross. I had this massive pussy zit on my nose it was so foul. Saw Arnold at school and he talked to me in the morning. I think I like him because he reminds me of Mark.

Tuesday 20th April

Germany Meeting. Today I learnt a new saying, ‘wot a wag’. I have signed a contract which says I mustn’t ever slag Howard off again in exchange that Sheila is my partner in PE tomorrow. She  came over and that’s when I learnt my new saying. Tomorrow we’re going into Chippenham. I’ve got £14 to spend. I’ve got to buy FF for Sheila and reserve Smash Hits for her.

Wednesday 21st April

I bought 3 magazines, some pencil leads and some sweets. Tomorrow me and Sheila are officially on diets. I’ve planned out my lunch already. On Saturday I’m staying over her house for the night and we’re going to learn all of the ‘Could It Be Magic’ dance cos I’ve got it on video.

Thursday 22nd April

Tomorrow Sheila and I will be babysitting for either Winnie or Geraldine. Mum bought some marshmallow fluff, but if I eat it, it will defeat my diet. Ordered 3 things from Cosmetics To Go; shampoo bar, conditioner, and hardwater shampoo. I ache from athletics yesterday, all down the backs of my thighs and knees.

Friday 23rd April

We babysat for Winnie until about 11.45pm. Mum wasn’t too happy when I came in, but it’s not really my fault. She’ll be paying us, but giving the money to Rose first because there wasn’t time tonight. Over the weekend I have to read a whole book and write a whole story just for English homework. As long as the story turns out OK, I don’t really mind one bit.

Saturday 24th April

Today I went over to Sheila’s to stay the night. Noreen went as well. I don’t think we’ll be doing it again in a hurry. We were doing some keep fit and Noreen was showing off by doing her gymnastics. I finished my story. Apparently it was supposed to be a short story, but mine went on for nine and a bit pages. Oh well, must close there. Bye.

Sunday 25th April

Last night at Sheila’s I cried. Her and Noreen were talking and so I just lay there thinking about all my problems then the tears just came. Noreen feel asleep and Sheila switched the light back on because she couldn’t get to sleep. She saw I was crying and gave me a hug. She asked whether I wanted to talk about it. I said no. I’m not very good at talking about things. All I know is I’m very unhappy at the moment.

Monday 26th April

I went around like a zombie at school because I was so tired. I’ve also got yet another cold. Mr Hutt read the beginning of my story, but hasn’t finished it yet. I hope I get a good mark for it because I really look forward to English lessons. The book he lent me to read is really good. I got a B in RE which I suppose isn’t too bad. Mr Midwinter gives me better marks than Mrs Pierceson though.

Tuesday 27th April

I really hate Mum at the moment. Sheila came over today and she asked whether I wanted to go over tomorrow, but Mum said I couldn’t because I’d been out twice already this week. I wish I could leave home, They probably wouldn’t notice if I went anyway because they’re so wrapped up in A and football. Why is life so crap?

Wednesday 28th April

My CTG parcel and Take That fan club stuff came through the post. Tomorrow I’m sending off to receive a jokes and pop accessories catalogue and a form to try and get to meet the star of my choice. I’ve chosen Mark. I really ache from PE. I came 3rd in the 400m and 1st in the 100m sprint.

Thursday 29th April

In Tech Mr Constance was using a really powerful saw type thingy. The wood snapped while he was using it and I’m sure it nearly got his hand. He was fairly shook up about it. I think Sheila’s going off of me because she’s hanging around Noreen a lot more. Tonight she’s staying round her house. To tell you the truth, I don’t like Noreen really. She’s just an attention seeker.

Friday 30th April

I stayed the night at Sheila’s. For an hour we hung around on the streets with Claudia and Wilfred, but I think they felt a bit out of place. After that me and Sheila went to Geraldine’s and we all had chips. All the girls went to Westonbirt to go in to a lorry to see about electronics. It was OK. We fiddled around with computers and things. I got a free t-shirt out of it.


Hope you enjoy this little blast from the past, please let me know if any of this brings back memories from your own teenage years as I love hearing about them 🙂


If you can’t wait for my teenage diary next month, don’t worry as you can catch up on what’s going on in my weekly 1994 diary extracts over on my website, or get a little taster over on my Facebook page.

*The names have been changed from those in my teenage diary to protect the not so innocent

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