How To Feel Confident And Beautiful In Your Own Skin

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There are few things sadder than deeply-rooted insecurity. It turns a perfectly lovely person, with a lot of beautiful qualities, into someone anxious, restless, and too afraid to take control of their own life. It’s like a slowly spreading disease, an ever-present miasma that makes even bright moments and good times look dull and gloomy.

But confidence is not something out of our reach, and you don’t have to spend any more of your time feeling ugly and inadequate. You deserve to enjoy your own life and your own beauty, and if you’re not sure how to do that, we can show you. To feel good in your own skin, here are some of the things you should start practicing.

Stop Comparing Yourself With Everyone

Your next door neighbor is more fit, and your friend has better hair, and that girl from the bar has nicer lips – it can go on and on. If everyone you see and meet is just another person to compare yourself to, you’re robbing both them and yourself of a genuine human connection. Instead of simply relaxing and enjoying people around you, you go green with envy and can’t stop thinking about how inadequate you are. Or even worse, you start comparing yourself to airbrushed pictures of models and celebrities, and then start slipping into a downward spiral of self-doubt.

You are your own person, and constantly pitting yourself against other people won’t actually give you a realistic take on what you look like. Someone out there will always look better, live a better life, have more than you do – so what? It’s about your own unique set of features, skills, and quirks that make you special. Cherish that, embrace it.

Don’t Ask For Validation

We all need validation occasionally, and asking it from your partner, your closest friend, or your family is perfectly fine. But leading your life in an attempt to please everyone and make everyone like you is not only impossible, it’s actually a quick road to people taking advantage of you. You don’t need to fish for compliments to feel good about yourself, and you’re not responsible for anyone’s happiness, except your own. Remember that, and make sure that the first person you go to for encouragement is yourself.

Pamper Your Skin

Skincare is super important for a good complexion, but it’s not just that – the very ritual of skincare is there to make you feel pampered, to make you feel cherished. Those gentle motions as you cleanse, as you hydrate, as you lie back with a sheet mask on. Go for quality organic products that are gentle on the skin, and remember to treat yourself like a queen.

Many people also like to get rid of irregularities caused by prior injuries that make them feel uncomfortable. Lots of them sign up for laser treatment scar removal in order to permanently erase the mark left by a nasty cut or a burn. This will eliminate things people may otherwise connect you with when mentioned in a conversation and help them focus on the major qualities that you choose to reveal.

Stock Up On Organic Goodies

A huge part of feeling good in your own skin is simply taking care of yourself. Eating organic produce is not only a great way to be healthy, but it’s also a big step towards becoming a conscientious person who cares about the environment. A diet that’s full of fresh fruit and veggies will improve your mood, energy levels, and your metabolism, and can help turn you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Start Having Fun With Makeup And Clothes

You don’t have to wear only black because black is slimming, and the point of your makeup doesn’t have to be merely to cover everything up, and you really, genuinely don’t have to restrain yourself anymore. Start playing with colours, wear things that you’ve always wanted to wear, and use skin booster cosmetics to paint your face like a glamorous warrior queen. The point is, have fun. Things you wear should make you happy.

Wear Only The Comfiest Of Garments

To reiterate that point, when it comes to clothes, go for comfort. No need for skin-tight dresses, no need to shove yourself into something that’s a size too small. Wear quality things that look good and make you feel naturally gorgeous. Start with underwear – a good set of natural women’s underwear that fits you like a glove is the easiest way to feel like a sexy goddess. Choose organic materials made of bamboo, industrial hemp, or organic cotton because the fabrics will be breathable and gentle on your skin, and if there’s one thing every woman needs, it’s good underwear. Absolutely no one has to see it, either. It’s your little secret, making you feel confident and pretty no matter where you are.

Do A Little Tech Detox

While social media is great, it can occasionally get really toxic. If you already feel sick to your stomach from all the negativity and you find yourself being influenced by other people’s mean comments, take a break. Let go of your phone for a bit and you’ll be surprised at how beneficial it is for your confidence. Since we live in the age of consumerism, the media is often there to make you feel insecure about something so you’d buy more products to deal with that insecurity. Taking a step back and separating yourself from that can be a downright healing experience.

Surround Yourself With Good People

Same as with media, people in your vicinity can be toxic, too. They don’t even have to be overly critical of you, but constant whining, complaining, and negativity will quickly get you down. Surround yourself with people who are positive, passionate, and who are quick to be kind, gentle, and loving.

Confidence is all about changing bad habits. If you’re constantly saying self-deprecating things and focusing only on your flaws then you won’t really get the chance to feel good about yourself. Learn to cut those things down at the root and practice good habits, self-love, and general kindness. This will make you thrive.

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