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I’m sure most of you have seen the many subscription boxes you can sign up to that deliver the best, freshest, newest, healthiest snacks and foods straight to your doorstep every month, in fact maybe you are already signed up to one.

But what if you want something a bit more than that?

Subscription boxes like Graze, The Good Health Box and Early Bird Snacks, to merely name but a few, are absolutely fantastic if you’re a bit of a snack fiend and are after healthier alternatives to sit and graze on at your desk. However, for the true fitness fanatics out there who want healthy snacks that will not only help them train better, fuel their body for peak performance but maybe to also help build muscle or cleanse and detox the system, a packet of nuts and raisins just isn’t going to cut the mustard!


So, when we heard about a new subscription box that’s perfectly aimed at the fitness market, supplying both fitness foods as well as workout products, we were MEGA excited!

Fitty is the monthly fitness box that is set to rock your fitness world! Contents might range from protein powders and energy balls through to skipping ropes and energy gels, but perhaps most excitingly of all is that every single box is a complete and utter surprise.

That’s right, if you sign up to receive a Fitty London fitness box you won’t actually know what you’re going to get until your box arrives, you snatch it from the unsuspecting hands of the delivery man and you excitedly open up the box like a child on their birthday. 

But stop…wait!

Before you completely rip the box to shreds I want you to take a moment to calm down, take a deep breath and take pleasure in opening a box like this for the very first time, because trust me you will want to savour every little moment.

new hotelYou know that feeling when you go into a hotel room for the first time and everything is all lovely and neat and tidy, the room is filled with drawers and cupboards that you can’t help but open (even though you know they’ll be empty), there’s all the lovely luxury toiletries looking shiny and glam and there’s just an air of mystery and decadence about being somewhere unknown and new. Well, that’s exactly the same feeling I got when I opened my first Fitty box.

Every month a new Fitty box is born, with a new selection of goodies and is even christened with its own monthly name; I was sent the ‘Felix’. If you want to share the delight with me as I opened up ‘Felix’, then take a little peek at my You Tube vid at the end of this article. But, before you all start thinking “Woah spoiler alert, don’t ruin the surprise for us Becky!”…don’t panic! As I mentioned before, the boxes change every month and the ‘Felix’ has now been and gone and a new box has been born, so you’ll still get your surprise, don’t you worry!

What’s in my Fitty box?

My first impression of the Fitty box was that it was quite plain, I mean really it’s just a standard brown cardboard box with a bit of print and a white sticky label with some info about the products (which I avoided looking at in great detail as I really didn’t want to ruin the surprise!). However, when I lifted the lid I literally gasped with delight, because the box is absolutely jam packed with goodies all snuggled together in a nest of packaging that made me feel as though I was about to delve into a lucky dip. There is also a rather gorgeous newspaper style wrap with eye catching headlines such as:

“Every Goal Starts With A Hole”

“We’re Fitty London And We Think You’re Pretty Sexy Too”

“Fuelling The City’s Sweat Game”

It made me feel incredibly special to have received this box; a sense of the absolute best kind of self indulgence, because everything in it was going to do me some good.

I’m sure you can’t bear to wait any longer, so let me describe what was in the ‘Felix’:

Doisy & Dam Coconut and Lucuma Chocolate

If you haven’t heard of Doisy & Dam then where have you been hiding? Using globally sourced ingredients and the absolute highest quality chocolate, Doisy & Dam chocolate is bursting with superfoods making this just about the healthiest and yummiest chocolate we’ve tasted. lucumaNow, you might be wondering what on earth lucuma is, we certainly hadn’t heard of it until now. So, we popped our research heads on and discovered that lucuma is a fruit native to Peru and has some amazing heath benefits. Looking at the picture it seems to us like a cross between a mango; with its bright orange flesh, and perhaps an avocado; with the large central stone. However, don’t let that fool you as the lucuma, also known as the ‘eggfruit’ owing to the texture being similar to that of a hard boiled egg, has a rather unique and curious flavour of maple combined with sweet potato. Hmm doesn’t exactly sound appetising right? Yet combine it with 74% organic dark chocolate, throw in some sweet coconut flakes and et voilà a gorgeous, glossy, speckled tasty treat that I’ll admit I gobbled up pretty darn quick! It’s a fab handbag size snack, with stylish packaging and the best bit…there’s absolutely no guilt factor when you polish off the whole bar at the almost inevitable choc o’clock afternoon slump!

Check out these fab superfood stats:

Doisy & Dam ChocolateLucuma contains – beta carotene, iron, zinc, vitamin B3, calcium, and protein

Dark chocolatecontains – iron, potassium, zinc and selenium

Coconut containsvitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6, minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous and are also incredibly rich in fibre.

As if you needed any more excuses to allow yourself a bit of a chocolate every now and again…we’ve just given you plenty!

Eat Clean Tea

If you’re on Instagram you may have noticed a few pics flying around of people sporting green stripes under their eyes…? Well, that is the brain child behind Eatcleantea, the high quality pure matcha green tea that is rocking the tea drinking world!

#teammatchaThe health benefits of drinking green tea have long been spoken about, but matcha powder is like the incredible hulk of green tea. It contains a whopping 137 times more antioxidants than standard green tea, it’s jam packed full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, it’ll pep up your workout, boost your metabolism, help burn off fat and best of all it looks A-MAZING!

The bright green powder looks exactly like the powder paint we used to use at school and when you open the packet you can’t help but smile.

One fab thing about Fitty is that they won’t fob you off with sample sizes. They want to provide you with both quality and quantity and if it’s something you could probably blag for free for yourself, then it’s not going in their boxes. The Felix box contains one 30g pack of Matcha, which is a generous amount as you don’t need much per portion, and comes complete with scoop (inside the pouch), an instruction card and wait for it…a frother!! Frothing up your matcha ensures you get the absolute best blend; no lumps or bumps, just smooth green loveliness. Don’t they just think of everything!

Healthbox Kitchen

Healthbox Kitchen was set up by Elizabeth Kerr when she struggled to find anything healthy to eat after a workout. The company is predominantly known for its nutritious natural energy balls, which use ingredients such as raw cacao, dates, almonds, coconut, nuts and protein powder to help fuel the body with long lasting energy.

The Felix box contains 2 Apricot & Coconut Natural Energy Balls and I must confess that, like the Doisy & Dam chocolate, I was literally all over them like a rabid dog! I love an energy ball and these little beauts did not let me down. With a texture that somehow managed to be smooth yet chewy, it felt as though I was eating ‘real’ food, which was clearly backed up by the ingredients list:

  • Healthbox Kitchen Energy BallsCashews
  • Apricots
  • Coconut
  • Natural Orange Extract

You know you’re onto a winner if a) you recognise and can pronounce all of the ingredients and b) you can count the number of ingredients on one hand.

Healthbox Kitchen MuesliThey were sweet, but not too sweet, and smelt zesty and fresh with just a hint of tropical beach about them. Perfect for the summer as a way to refuel after a workout and what’s fab about them is that they’re are small enough to fit into your gym bag, bicycle saddlebag or running belt.

Talking of handy sized portions, there is also a 90g pot of Healthbox Kitchen Goji, Coconut & Ginger Muesli in the Felix box. Whether you eat it as muesli in its own right, pimp it up with fruit and yogurt or even soak it in your favourite milk overnight for a bang on trend twist on overnight oats, this muesli hits all the right spots!


The Organic Protein Company

It’s all about the protein right?

Organic Whey ProteinProtein is one of the key nutrients to help maintain a healthy body and is good for:

  • Repairing
  • Supporting
  • Preserving
  • Building
  • Defending

So, for anyone who does a lot of strenuous exercise or activity, no matter what it is, it is essential they have a diet rich in protein. There is a vast array of different protein products available on the market, as more and more people have become better educated about the benefits of a protein rich diet. Whether it’s protein shakes, bars, powders or just plain old back to basics meat, protein is a fitness fanatic’s best friend.

The Organic Protein Company, as the name would suggest, are incredibly proud of the fact that their protein powder comes from happy, free range cows who eat green, green grass untainted by artificial fertilisers, pesticides, hormones or GM feed. Happy cows means happy protein and that is what’s going to taste, work and make you perform best.

Fitty have included two single 20g servings in the Felix box, which can either be enjoyed mixed with water as a subtle creamy protein drink, or can be blended with other flavours and fruits into delicious tasting smoothies. It’s gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and The Organic Protein Company have pledged to not only plant a new tree for every pack sold, but also to donate 25p to Compassion in World Farming to help increase the welfare standards of farming for cows and other animals.

Again Faster Speed Rope

Again Faster provide high quality functional fitness gear covering areas such as weightlifting, body conditioning, HIIT, gymnastics and pretty all other fitness related stuff. Their contribution to the Felix box is the speed rope, which takes skipping to a whole different level.gain_faster_speed_rope Skipping has long been used to help improve agility, stamina and footwork particularly amongst boxers and is now an essential piece of equipment amongst crossfitters.

What’s so special about this particular rope?

Well, it’s lightweight and adjustable making it fab for ‘double unders’ (turning the rope twice before jumping). It comes complete with instructions on how to adjust the rope to the perfect length and will appeal to both men and ladies alike. There’s certainly nothing girly about this skipping rope!

  So, there you have it. The Felix Box from Fitty London featuring 5 great brands and 7 fantastic fitness products.

I want…I need…How can I get!!?

Well the good news for you is that unlike some subscription boxes, Fitty doesn’t give you just one option. They want you to really want them and if that means trying one out before committing to a monthly subscription, then they are happy for you to do so. So, here are your options:

  1. Sign up, get your Fitty box every month and enjoy the range of fab, fitness pressies!
  2. Order a one off box from Fitty’s limited number ‘non-commitment’ boxes. BUT…they run out fast and it’s a case of you snooze you lose!

Fitty London Subscription BoxTo find out more about Fitty go to or follow them on:

Instagram – fittyldn

Twitter – @FittyLDN

Facebook – Fitty London


And if you need any more convincing then take a read of our recent article ‘5 Reasons You Need a Subscription Box In Your Life‘.

Interview with Fitty London

Fitty London are a busy bunch, but we managed to track them down and find out a bit more about #TeamFitty and their mission “to help make the world a healthier, sexier place”.

What is Fitty London all about?

“Fitty is the monthly surprise fitness box fuelling the city’s sweat game. And by that, we mean you get an exciting Fitty box delivered once a month that’s packed full of fitness foods and workout products – from superfoods and protein powders to resistance bands and speed ropes. It’s a surprise until you open it, so it’s like your birthday every month…and who doesn’t like that?!”

#TeamFittyHow long has the company been running?

“We launched in December 2015, so we’re a very young startup!”

What was the inspiration behind Fitty London?

“Well, I absolutely love fitness and nutrition and whenever I go into Wholefoods or healthy food joints I feel like a kid in a sweet shop! That side of it is a big passion of mine. One day I was trying to put together a healthy food/fitness style hamper to send to a friend and I realised it didn’t exist. So, I thought ‘why don’t I create it?’ and that’s how Fitty was born.”

Why the name Fitty London?

“It kind of just happened. Before Fitty I was a copywriter in the world of advertising, so creating and naming brands was my ‘thing’, and one day I just said, “it’s called Fitty”, and that was that. Adding ‘London’ felt right because the fitness and nutrition scene here is booming. It’s such an exciting time to live here and create a startup.”

How many products do you have?

“We have one core product, our monthly boxes, but we also create limited edition boxes now and then (like our marathon box, called The 26.2), and we also create bespoke boxes for private events, launches, fitness retreats and exhibitions.”

Who is your target audience?

“Health bunnies, wellness warriors…anyone who’s interested in health, fitness and nutrition – both men and women.”

Do you use any of the products that go into your boxes?

“Absolutely! Trying out new products is one of my favourite things and is also why I started Fitty, because I knew I wasn’t alone!

Fitty LondonSampling all the products before we include them has to be a massive perk. When it comes to deciding what to include, our golden rule is if it’s something you might receive as a free sample, we won’t include it. As a premium brand, we try to include as many full sized products as possible, so everyone can properly experience the product and see whether they love it.”

How can I sign up?

“Over on our website at

What are the future plans for Fitty London?

“Oooh they are big! As we’re only four months old, we’re at a hugely exciting stage with so many possibilities. As a taster for now, we’ve got some collaborations in the pipeline with some awesome gyms in town (currently under wraps!), and we’ll be attending more events, which will be great. Oh and there’s something VERY cool happening at Christmas!”

What’s the ‘big dream’?

“Fitty LA, Fitty Sydney, Fitty Oslo…I could go on! I’d absolutely LOVE to have the Fitty office in a huge open warehouse space with other fitness startups like a gym/training studio, juice bar…that would be awesome.”

Describe Fitty London in just three words.

“Not your average.”

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