Forever Young – 4 Ways To Look Fabulous In Your 50s

Is 50 really the new 30? We all like to look youthful and glowing, but in reality, once you reach 50, it can be difficult to pass for someone half that age without a bit of help. But why should we yearn to look 25 when we can look fabulous in our 50s with a little bit of creativity.

A Silver Fox

A hairstyle can change a person’s look more than anything. A full head of luscious locks cut into a chic style and colored in a flattering hue can do wonders for an older person’s appearance.

As we age, our skin tone changes, and we can look a little pallid, and our hair turns grey and loses thickness. Find a hairdresser with a good reputation who will know what style will suit you and choose a color that will make you glow. If you don’t want to constantly dye your hair to cover the grays, then you should embrace them and opt for subtle highlights in several colors.

Suppose your locks are receding or looking straggly. In that case, you may want to consider using a hairpiece, extensions or visit a physician at a clinic such as Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery who can give you information on surgical and medicinal solutions to hair loss.

Lashings of Beauty

Skincare products and makeup are your secret weapon in the battle to look fabulous in your fifties. Use a good skin moisturizer and cleanser that is suitable for older skin and contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and collagen to increase elasticity . Always remove makeup, cleanse, tone, and moisturize at the end of each day.

Makeup can give you a little helping hand to achieve a youthful glow. A light-reflecting foundation will fill in fine lines and make the skin look smoother, while a dab of blush will give your face freshness and color. Always choose soft shades of rouge, as harsh tones can be aging. Taupe, grey, and brown eyeshadows define eyes without looking over the top, and a slick of mascara or some falsies will open up your eyes and make them sparkle.

Always remember, your most potent beauty weapon at any age is a broad-spectrum sunscreen, as the sun’s rays will irreversibly damage and age your skin.

A Chic Cougar

Clothes that flatter you can transform your image. Don’t try to look younger by wearing the same clothes young people wear because this will just make you look like mutton dressed as lamb. Choose clothes in classic styles that fit you comfortably.

The Future Is Bright

A dazzling white set of teeth can make anyone look younger and more attractive. If you have teeth that are brown and unsightly or sparse and ugly, a visit to the dentist could change your life forever. A dentist can advise you on the best course of action, whether it be a whitening treatment, veneers, or false teeth. A beautiful smile will give you confidence, and this will provide you with an aura of pure beauty.

By the time you hit 50, you are probably comfortable and confident in your own skin. Embrace your looks and rock them – age is just a number.

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