Functional Fitness: Embrace Health With Hire Fitness Equipment Ireland

Woman doing a yoga stretch as part of her fuctional fitness training she is in a studio and there in another woman streching out in the background.

Remember that time you threw your back trying to pick up the car keys from the ground? Or the time you couldn’t lift the cookie jar off the top shelf without some help? You might look great, have the ideal BMI and an enviable body fat percentage, but what good is all that if you cannot vacuum the cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling without straining your arm?

According to functional fitness trainers, toned biceps are pretty meaningless if you can’t even lift your grocery bag. That is the simple and beautiful concept behind functional fitness. While you may have heard of the term thanks to Instagram stars and BuzzFeed news, what does functional fitness imply? How is it different from strength training or cardio? Who should engage in functional exercises? Very few people have truly experienced the real benefits of functional activities due to the lack of expert trainers.

How Is Hire Fitness Equipment Ireland Helping In Assuming Functional Fitness?

A busy schedule or too many chores is definitely not an excuse to lounge about your home anymore. You can review your fitness while doing your laundry or sorting your groceries. Functional fitness takes into account the everyday movements we regularly do, our postures and movements. Therefore, there are high chances that you have been a part of the functional fitness trend without even knowing it.

What Is Functional Fitness?

It is all about preparing you for daily life activities. It is not HIIT training or endurance training for marathons or big races. It is nothing like the dreadful cardio your trainer put you through the last time you hit the gym. Functional fitness exercises draw inspiration from daily actions including pulling the bowl of nachos closer during Netflix and chill or tying your shoelaces when there is no place to sit. It is a unique fitness routine that takes care of everyone’s body. We cannot stress enough about the minute differences between the body types, fat composition, muscle composition and metabolism of two people. No one-exercise-for-all can address all kinds of body issues. Each person needs an exclusive movement routine to get their bodies in the best shape. Therefore, the functional fitness classes focus on a few cardio moves, strength training, balance, coordination and freehand exercises that take your body through the different planes of motion.

Functional Fitness Does Not Have To Be Expensive

Let’s be honest here. The moment we mentioned that functional fitness requires strength training, cardio workout and balance exercises, you began to wonder if it is for you. Thinking about buying gym equipment for the home often dampens our enthusiasm for exercising. So, let us get that part over with. You don’t have to buy brand new gym equipment for functional fitness training. You can rent all the things you need including dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise balls, treadmills and spin cycles from your nearby fitness equipment hiring store. To learn more about the updated rental costs and terms of hiring visit today.

What Are The Benefits Of Functional Fitness?

Home is the best place you can begin your functional exercise regime. You can start with simple movements like squats and planks that can help you strengthen your glutes and core. According to several fitness journals, cleaning your home in a squatting posture is excellent for your thighs, calves, and back. If you suffer from chronic back pain, you should try picking up your clothes and cleaning the litter box while squatting for the next couple of days. We bet you will see a massive difference and your back will be more forgiving towards you. The point here is to train your muscles to do the work they usually do every day and to enable your body to perform optimally during everyday situations. That means no more back sprains trying to get out of your super-skinny jeans!

Who Should Invest In Functional Exercises?

Functional fitness targets multiple muscles and joints at the same time. While most freehand exercises focus on moving just one or two joints like the shoulder roll or neck rolls, these sets of fitness routines will focus on multiple joints and muscle groups including your elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and spine. It not only strengthens your joints and supportive muscles but also reduces the chances of incurring injuries from doing daily activities. It is an excellent routine for people recovering from accidents, new mothers and older adults. A study involving young adults showed that functional fitness reduced the risk of accidents and injuries from everyday activities among the participants. It reduces the risk of falling significantly.

Where Should You Begin With Functional Fitness?

There was a time when we all felt young and physically fit, but now we have slacked off. Getting off the couch to fetch a drink of water seems like exercise. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is a great idea to start with functional fitness. The chances are that you won’t even feel like you are working out or exerting yourself once you embrace this fitness routine. We cannot affirm the fact that functional fitness is the best way to regain physical fitness for everyone, but those, who lack time, resources and physical form necessary for heavy workout routines should definitely give this fitness routine a try. It is always the best idea to start with the exercises you know. If you have never done resistance training and weight training before this, experts recommend sticking to those workouts that use your body weight as resistance.

Adding more functional exercises to your regular fitness routine will help you achieve agility. Your joints will become more nubile than before and the risk of sprains will lower significantly. It will empower you to finish your daily activities without any other helping hand. It is an excellent way to regain confidence after a fall or minor accident that may have challenged your mobility. So, even if bicep curls, burpees, and lifting scare you, you have no reason to steer clear of physical fitness. Now everyday activities can become your way of achieving your dream physique.

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