Gamma: Using Graphene To Power Your Adventures

While people mostly rely on technology for communication and entertainment, harnessing it in other spheres can also be beneficial. More specifically, wearing hi-tech clothes is a wise decision, and one of the best garments around is Gamma.

It’s a graphene-infused jacket that works for all climates and the most extreme conditions. Featuring a practical and durable design, Gamma has a lot to offer to individuals who want a cutting-edge item in their wardrobe.

What Does Gamma Bring To The Table?

Gamma can enhance various experiences, from casual strolls to extreme sports. It comes with high-quality components and unique materials. Here are the strongest points of the jacket:

Graphene-Powered Insulation

Gamma relies on graphene to provide wearers with exceptional features. The nanoparticle is one of the most flexible, thinnest, and sturdiest materials on earth, but it’s also a fantastic insulator.

It helps the jacket to outperform other insulators when it comes to heat distribution. It absorbs heat to transfer it equally to your upper body using a nano-lattice structure. As a result, your arms, chest, back, neck, and stomach receive optimal warmth in cold weather. In frigid conditions, you can use the three built-in heating components and provide extra comfort.

When it’s not that chilly outside, there’s no need to use the heating elements. The jacket alone does the trick by keeping track of your body and reacting to temperature changes. If you’re getting colder, the system activates to keep you warm.

The heaters are also light and thin to prevent overburdening the jacket. They’re also safe to use anytime, even if you’re sleeping. This is because graphene’s thermoregulating properties safeguard against fires or other accidents.

To power the heating system, you’ll need a regular power bank. Place it in your pocket and push the button to deliver extra warmth within 30 seconds. There are three adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to choose the ideal one for your environment.

Doesn’t Allow Water Intrusion

Gamma’s exterior is completely impermeable, stopping any liquid from penetrating the graphene barrier. This especially comes in handy when visiting rainy regions. The jacket protects you from any moisture and other cold sensations associated with it. The zippers are water-resistant, too, shielding your precious belongings.

Gamma is also one of the most effective windbreakers. It doesn’t allow 50-mile per hour winds to penetrate and cause a chilly feeling.

For extra security, the garment comes with waist and hood straps that can be tightened to further eliminate discomfort brought about by wind and rain. There are also built-in fingerless gloves that keep your hands warm without impairing mobility.

Tough-As-Nails Structure

As mentioned, graphene is one of the most durable materials on earth, even boasting greater strength than diamonds. This property gives Gamma exceptional durability and lifespan.

The surface is practically indestructible, resisting numerous forms of damage. Its lattice structure is impervious to tearing, fraying, scratching, and knives.

Best of all, it retains its strength for many years. Even if you use it intensively, it will still look good and keep you well-protected from the elements.

Hypoallergenic And Antibacterial

Bacterial infections are among the most serious threats today, and Gamma can help combat these vicious germs. The jacket is immune to microbes, preventing them from entering your home and causing sicknesses. It serves as a sterile shield to keep you safe outdoors.

It also works great for people who love going out but have allergy problems. Gamma’s graphene keeps dust mites, pollen, and even mosquitos at bay.

Light As A Feather And Comfortable

Weighing about one pound, Gamma is no heavier than an average hoodie. Yet, it delivers warmth like a bulky winter coat. Therefore, it’s a lot more convenient to carry around in rainy and cold weather.

The garment is extremely comfortable, too. Due to graphene’s adaptation to your body, there are no sticky and sweaty feelings associated with larger clothing items. Even if you’re wearing the jacket on a warm sunny day, it will feel smooth on your skin by wicking moisture.

Tremendous Flexibility

Gamma is a versatile activewear jacket. Since it looks stylish and elegant, you can wear it on your night out or at work due to its professional appearance.

Apart from that, the model is perfect for a wide range of physical activities:

  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Boating
  • Cycling

The temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking features enable the wearer to train comfortably and with greater intensity. It also allows for cold-weather sessions, as it doesn’t require any extra layers.

Perfect For Traveling

Frequent backpackers and travelers can benefit a lot from Gamma. It’s ideal for trips because it maintains optimal comfort in any climate. The lightweight design also allows you to pack it down to the size of a t-shirt. No additional jackets are necessary to protect you from extreme weather.

The jacket also features a large number of pockets. There are 10 compartments, two of which are hidden. This means there’s more room for storing your documents, snacks, money, and electronics when you’re on the road.

Anti-Odor Build

Another great thing about Gamma is that it allows you to work up a sweat without producing unpleasant smells. The jacket has an anti-odor design, preventing odor-causing particles from growing on the surface. Graphene recognizes these contaminants and deals with them using ionic conduction. In this manner, it efficiently removes foul smells and neutralizes any other harmful substance.


With all these hi-tech features, you’d think that washing Gamma would be impossible. But the reality is entirely different. There are no batteries or electrical components, meaning there’s no risk of damaging the heaters or other elements.

In addition, you can put it in your washer with your other clothes without worrying about potential harm. The jacket is impervious to scuffs, and it’ll look brand-new once it’s been washed.

A Jacket That Exemplifies Versatility

Overall, Gamma is a well-designed jacket, with properties that nicely complement each other. The thermoregulation and insulation make it an excellent choice for a variety of weather conditions. Plus, the roomy storage, minimal weight, and moisture-wicking abilities yield terrific results in numerous settings.

Check out the men’s and women’s designs and pre-order your GAMMA at

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