Get Up And Get out: Learn To Spend More Time In Nature

Living in an urban environment has provided humanity with numerous benefits. Thanks to big and organised cities, people have had the chance to find work that is near to their house, there are plenty of stores where you can purchase food, beverages and other accessories needed for quality living. Besides that, cities are a fantastic generator of culture and there are plenty of museums, sports stadiums and concert halls.

Although, something is missing apparently….

Yes, you’re right, there’s not enough nature around us. In order to live long and healthy lives, one needs to maintain contact with nature and science is backing up this claim, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Short-term Memory Can Improve

Having a casual walk among the trees can help your cognitive abilities and improve your memory. This was the conclusion of a study conducted by the University of Michigan. Students were divided into two groups after they had been given a short memory test. The first group was instructed to walk through an urban environment and the other went for a walk in the park.

When they came back the memory test was repeated, and it was revealed that those who spent time in nature did it 20% better than the first time. The group of students that had roamed through the city on the other hand, didn’t show any signs of improvement at all. These findings suggest that nature is healing and restoring our brains and that’s the reason why you should consider taking even just a half hour walk between the trees at least 3 times a week.

Reducing of Mental Fatigue

Everyday responsibilities can cause so much stress and people usually interpret that as needing to lay down and rest. Well, that’s not completely true. Better results in restoring mental energy are shown after people went out and enjoyed landscaping. They were coming home refreshed and with new energy. Some improvements in mental functioning are spotted even when they simply looked at photos of nature.

Decreasing Stress Levels

Stress is the plague of modern civilization. A lot of diseases find their way into our bodies thanks to everyday stress. The best way of dealing with this challenge is to start working out. Go ahead and reorganize your weekly schedule by putting at least 4 hours of training sessions in there. Before you start, make sure to provide yourself with quality activewear since there are some findings that suggest that high-quality sports equipment can improve your results.

It will keep you protected from injuries, and there’s also a psychological effect. By wearing some type of uniform, you’ll be much more focused and motivated during the workout. Once you’re done with the session, you will instantly feel overall mental and physical improvement.

Saying Goodbye to Inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to damage and pathogens, but when exceeded, it can lead to serious diseases such as autoimmune disorders, bowel inflammations, depression and even cancer. Because of that, it is crucial to spend some time in nature and keep inflammation processes under control. Go ahead and take a hike through the woods in order to stay healthy. There are some scientific findings that back up these claims. Students who went on a field trip in a nearby forest showed decreased symptoms of inflammation. In addition, walking through the woods can also improve your blood stream and lower hypertension.

Improving Sight

Yes, natural green colours, lively streams, and waterfalls really can improve your vision. Most people spend so much time in front of some kind of screen during the day, and separating ourselves from technology can help. A study conducted on almost 2000 children showed that outdoor activities positively affected their eyes, and lowered prevalence of myopia (nearsightedness). Those results weren’t found at respondents who engaged in indoor sports. This is proof that nature has something to do with our well-being, regardless of our physical activity. The underlying fact is, that it is important to get out.

Longer Life

Unfortunately, proof for this claim isn’t yet provided, however there are some strong associations between outdoor lifestyle and longevity. A Dutch study on 250,000 people suggested that those who spend a lot of time in nature perceived their general health as positive. Other researchers found that plenty of diseases outflank people who live near green spaces or in a rural environment. At the end of the day, spending enough time in nature will help to decrease prevalence for lung and kidney diseases, and may even lower the risk of cancer.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits for getting out into nature; there are no side effects, it’s just plain healthy. Your brain will get better: concentration, creativity, and thinking will improve. All that oxygen will fill up your lungs and stimulate your brain. Your heart rate will maintain normal and your immune system will boost. Your whole body will be thankful for that walk around the countryside. So go on, get outside!

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