Going Back To Slow Sex

When you are in a couple for a long time, surely you miss the time when sex was very inefficient, that is to say slow sex that is long, intense and passionate. Noticing that, in order to have intimate relations, you have to include it in the agenda. That is why it is necessary to take measures and to prevent the monotony of everyday life from extinguishing the spark in the relationship.

In the hectic day-to-day life that we all lead, everyone wants to enjoy those moments of disconnection, to stop having everything planned in detail and let themselves go. Especially when it comes to sexual activity.

If both men and women say they want to have sex to last longer, why do most couples eventually evolve into “efficient sex”?

What Is Slow Sex?

Everyone knows that it is important to dedicate time to one’s intimacy. However many times it is precisely for lack of hours on the clock, that sexual encounters are postponed, or are carried out quickly, often sacrificing the pleasure and the enjoyment of one or both partners.

This is why it is becoming increasingly popular to practice what is known as slow sex, which provides a number of benefits, such as increased sexual desire, improved orgasms and reduced levels of anxiety and stress.

Slow sex is a practice that represents a greater understanding of the couple. And it needs time to get to know each other, taste the pleasure, enjoy and reach the maximum enjoyment, beyond penetrative sex. Trying new experiences, such as to stimulate the perineum, discovering new parts of our body or making some kind of fantasy, are some of the things that can help to fuel that passion which routine makes a dent.

8 Sexual Games That Everyone Should Try

The following are the most popular and most searched games on blogs such as Love My Senses. Playing games facilitates and intensifies your own and your partner’s stimulation for a night of love and lust.

Blind Kisses

This game consists of applying a bit of mystery. One member of the couple must blindfold him or herself and walk around several times. Meanwhile, the other must name various parts of the body. At the same time, the blindfolded person will have to kiss the mentioned area without using his hands to locate himself.

Getting it right can be very difficult, but it can also be fun. Another way to do it is to use cards or dice that establish a series of rules for each of them. For example, if an AS comes up, it means that the players will have to kiss each other’s necks.

Mystery Box

This game allows you to get to know your partner better. Discover the crazy passions and desires that you would like to live. Each of you will write different fantasies on a piece of paper and put them in a box or container. For example, put the Greek kiss into practice.

Afterwards, one of the two will take out one of the desires and if both agree, they can put it into practice. The game ends when there is no experience left to fulfill… So you can play indefinitely, endlessly.

Three Pots

For this game you need 3 jars. In one of them, you have to put papers where the parts of your body were previously written. In the other one, place papers with actions and in the last one, a toy or food. Let your imagination run wild, with this practice you can have very interesting experiences.

Dress Up

Everyone, at some time, has fantasized about a fetish profession or a specific character from a favorite movie or series. This can be an opportunity to get carried away, bring out the best acting skills of each one and let passion arise.

Treasure Hunt 

As in the children’s game in which you follow different clues until you find the treasure. The difference is that each clue must lead to a sexual challenge or an accessory that you can use during sex.

Hot and Cold

This type of practice, experimenting with contrasts, is very simple. You only need some element such as an ice cube and to stimulate certain areas or you can simply pass the ice to each other with a few simple kisses. It can be a good way on how to kiss to turn a woman on.

Truth or Dare

This game is ideal both to get to know each other a little better and to confess desires and secrets and excite each other. To do this, it is only necessary to follow these simple steps:

  • Sit comfortably in front of each other.
  • Start stating the most specific, daring and spicy provocative questions and alternate them with hot boyfriend challenges.
  • If there is anything you don’t want to answer or perform… you would have to pay a pledge.

Be creative and set interesting challenges, let the imagination flow.


Exchanging a few spicy messages from time to time always helps and gives a suggestive tone to the relationship. In the same way that sending a couple of messages unexpectedly can help to give that spicy touch and avoid routine.

A fundamental tip for the practice of slow sex is to leave taboos behind, let yourself go, enjoy and experience new pleasures. The limits are set by each one, let yourself flow and enjoy every moment as if it were the first time. Another way to get out of the routine that can be followed, is to make a romantic getaway, relive that special date of which you keep a great memory.

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