Halocline Towel Robe Review – A Hot Tub Essential!

I want to start off with a confession.

My name is Bex and I am a lockdown cliché. Phew, there I said it. Now let me explain….

Lockdown saw many a trend come and go (well we had to do something to fill our monotonous lives didn’t we!). First there were TikTok dances, then came the frantic baking of banana bread, followed by the DIY cutting and dying of hair, Tiger King, Houseparty, PE with Joe, and the sale of inflatable swimming pools and hot tubs hit an all time high. And guess what? I did every single one of those things… a complete and utter lockdown cliché right here.

So yeah we bought a hot tub, and there is a bit of a story about that, but I’ll give you the shortened version in bullet form:

  • Bought a lovely round wood effect inflatable hot tub last year.
  • Garden wasn’t finished, so it was left unopened in the garage.
  • Garden finished, husband inflated, filled with water.
  • Next morning, hot tub deflated.
  • Sent back, got a full refund.
  • Had a YOLO moment.
  • Ordered a proper hot tub (you live and learn!)

Anyway here we are, and it’s great, we use it loads, and it looks proper swanky in the garden. Now all we need to do is think about some of the ways we could accessorise it, for example drinks holders, hooks, music, lights oh and robes, robes are super important. Because the logistics of getting to and from the hot tub when it’s half way up your garden and you don’t really fancy showing your swimming costumed body off to half the neighbourhood is serious business. So I’m sat here Googling various robes, hooded ponchos and the like when I see a tweet from a PR company looking for bloggers to review their client’s towelling robes. Ummmm hello, a serendipitous moment or what!

Let me introduce you to…

The Halocline Towel Robe

I love an oversized hooded robe and this is exactly what the Halocline towel robe is. Made from 100% cotton, the robe is über absorbent yet also dries really quickly too, making it absolutely perfect for my post hot tub needs. The towelling material is lovely and soft and when you’ve come from the warmth of a hot tub into the cold air outside it offers an immediate and much needed relief from the elements. I love that even though it’s really spacious and roomy, the robe isn’t too heavy. Even when it gets wet it’s still nice and lightweight so you can move freely in it and it means that should you wish to get changed inside it you could do so without flashing your bits and bobs to all and sundry.

As you can see we went for both colours (royal blue and fuchsia) for those truly authentic matchy matchy his and hers vibes. And I mean I don’t want to get caught up in any gender stereotype business, but we’ll at least know who’s is who’s, and I have always thought pink looks particularly good on me. The robes themselves are unisex, so size wise there really is no difference, it’s a one size fits all thing and let me tell you, they are super snuggly comfy. The neck hole is large enough to get your head through without mucking up your hair (hey, it’s an important factor!), and the mid length sleeves are easy to get your arms through too.

I will mostly be using mine for putting on after the hot tub, however we are going to Cornwall soon and plan on doing a few water based activities and beach days, so I am definitely taking it with me. As I mentioned before, the robe dries really quickly, so it can be used for quite a few hot tub sessions before it needs a wash. But when it does need a freshen up, the good news is it’s machine washable so you can just bung it in with the rest of your towels.

The Halocline towel robe is priced at £32.00 and comes with free UK delivery – always a bonus. And if you’re looking to save a bit more money, then have a little lookie below…

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*product gifted for review

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