The Healing Properties of Silver

Ancient healers, chemists and holistic experts have been using silver to treat their patients since the dawning of time, yet this precious metal has somewhat fallen under the radar in more recent times.

Nowadays, we think of silver in its solid state; as beautiful jewellery, embellishments on home furnishings etc., and the healing properties of silver in its liquid form remain a mystery.

So, what’s all the fuss about? What’s so good about silver and, more to the point, if it’s really that good why have we never seen it stocked in our local Boots?

What Can Colloidal Silver Help With?

Perhaps a better question would in fact be, what can’t colloidal silver help with, such is the versatility of this apparently ‘miracle’ metal. But, one thing we must point out is that although there has been much research into the health benefits of colloidal silver and it is deemed safe to use, we would advice you speak to your GP or pharmacist before treating yourself with any product you have not used before.

Colloidal silver is:

Antifungal – This makes it a fantastic product for treating fungal infection such as ringworm.

Antibacterial – It effectively kills off bad bacteria, making it great in the treatment of minor wounds, scrapes and cuts. You can now buy colloidal silver as a spray, which is so handy for popping in your first aid kit, or in your handbag ready to dig out when your child falls over and scrapes their knee, or gets a thorn in their finger, or is stung by a bee.

colloidal silverAnti inflammatory – Colloidal silver can help reduce swelling, speed up the healing process and boost cell recovery. Perfect for bee stings, bug bites, nappy rash and to help soothe and heal burns.

Skin conditions – It can help treat psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions.

Toothache – Bigger bottles of colloidal silver are a bathroom cabinet essential, as it can be used in a similar way to mouthwash and has been proven to ease toothache when gargled.

Eye infections – A few drops of silver has been shown to help clear up eye infections such as conjunctivitis.

Many holistic practitioners continue to use colloidal silver in their therapies, but the big pharmaceuticals have been notoriously keen to steer clear, hence why it’s not so easy to find products on the high street. However, with an increasing number of bacteria becoming ever more resistant to the effects of antibiotics, the medical community is starting to show more of an interest in the effectiveness of colloidal silver.

We’d like to know what you think. Would you be happy to replace your usual ‘go to’ first aid kit bottle with colloidal silver? Have you ever tried it? If so we’d love to hear your first hand experience of it.

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