The Health Benefits Of A Holiday

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Did you know that going on holiday isn’t just a luxury, it’s actually beneficial for your health? Many studies have shown the benefits holidays have on our health; both physically and mentally. So, why are holidays important and what kind of benefits do they deliver?

Here, we’ll look at just some of the benefits holidays have been proven to provide.

The Physical Benefits

Did you know that even if you’re planning on spending most of your time at the beach, holidays deliver great physical benefits? Largely, getting away from it all really helps to lower your stress levels. Stress is known to cause havoc on the health, particularly the immune system. So, its stress reducing benefits alone can help to fight off colds and flu and improve your general health.

If you’re heading somewhere hot and sunny, you’ll also be topping up your Vitamin D levels. This crucial vitamin is largely absorbed into the body via direct sunlight. So, if you’re holidaying in a tropical climate, you’re going to receive fantastic health benefits from increased Vitamin D exposure. Perhaps the most significant physical benefit however, is the fact regular holidays are linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes.

The Psychological Benefits

While holidays provide great physical benefits, it’s their psychological benefits which really shine through.

When you’re overwhelmed by daily stresses, it can lead to anxiety, depression and frustration. Getting away from it all can help you to recharge those batteries, improving mood stability. You’ll also find you start to sleep better, you’re happier, and by the time you return home, you’re much more relaxed.

Helping You To Connect With Loved Ones

In today’s hectic pace of life, it’s easy to become disconnected from the people we love. Whether you want to improve your relationship with a partner, or you’re looking to reconnect with the family, a holiday can really help. This is especially true if you choose self-catering accommodation through a company such as Villa Plus.

You’ll get to spend uninterrupted time with your loved ones, helping to really strengthen your bond between you. A villa gives you privacy to spend with your partner or family, plus you’ll have more control over what you do while you’re there. Self-catering breaks can also be just as cost-effective as all-inclusive breaks too provided you shop around.

Overall, taking a holiday is a lot more important to your health than you might realise. The above are just a small selection of its physical and psychological benefits. Unfortunately, research also shows these benefits can disappear within a few weeks after the holiday. So, you may need to treat yourself to several holidays if you want to experience the full benefits!

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