Health Effects Of Vaping

Before talking about the impact of vaping on health, it should be noted that this issue can be considered from two perspectives.

Vaping And Human Being

The first perspective is to study the health consequences of vaping in a rather narrow context, which does not take into account the habits and lifestyle of the person. It ignores the positive effects that it brings, directly affecting the lifestyle of the person. This approach is not good given that it does not consider man as a social being but rather sees him as an organism that functions according to certain algorithms, which in turn are immutable.

The second approach is more perfect because, in addition to the direct physiological effects of vape, it provides a broader vision of a person, his lifestyle, and habits. However, this does not mean that it contradicts the former. No! Rather, it is a necessary complement.

So the first thing to talk about is the direct impact of vape pens on people’s health. The popularity of e-cigarettes is constantly growing, and most people consider their best vape australia pens completely innocent in terms of their impact on their health. This is due to the information asymmetry that consumers suffer from. This asymmetry is provoked by the fact that vaping as a phenomenon, a relatively new and therefore scientific environment due to lack of time, has not yet given a comprehensive answer about the impact of vaping on human health. However, the consumer who thinks about whether to start, continue or to stop using their vape pen should decide based on scientific facts and not on their intuitions or, worse, under the influence of social networks.

Fortunately, there are some scientific facts about the health effects of vaping. The Journal of the American Heart Association clearly states the negative effects of using a vape pen with an e-liquid containing nicotine. After the first 30 minutes of using the vape pen with nicotine, the participants noticed a thickening of the arterial walls, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rate. These indicators increase the risk factor for myocardial infarction and stroke. Cardiovascular diseases threaten active smokers and so-called passive smokers (those who are close to the smoker). Scientist Magnus Lundback is convinced that nicotine is the cause of negative health effects for the heart. The WHO also warns, pointing out that “reducing exposure to harmful chemicals does not make heated tobacco products harmless.” In addition, again, the WHO emphasizes that in aerosols of heated tobacco, some hazardous substances are present in higher concentrations than in ordinary cigarette smoke, and some substances are absent in ordinary cigarette smoke.

The above facts apply to nicotine-containing vapes, but they do not make nicotine-free vape use safe. Studies conducted in a number of European countries show that none of the 122 types of liquids studied can boast of the absence of substances harmful to human health. These harmful substances (cyclopentanone, menthol, ethylvanillin, acetyl pyrazine) can provoke respiratory tract irritation, allergic and asthmatic reactions. However, the figure of 122 is quite low compared to about 8 million types of vape refills and given that the health effects will also depend on the temperature at which users heat them. This means that the consumer can not avoid information asymmetry. Respectively, it is almost impossible to choose the liquid that will not harm his health. So every time consumers use their vapes, they seem to choose a pig in a poke whose behavior will not be predicted.

On the other hand, the evaluation of e-cigarettes by the NHS in the United Kingdom differs in the United Kingdom, confirming the positive role of e-cigarettes, claiming that in 95% of cases, they are safer than smoking. However, today, after news of lung damage described in the United States (EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury). Dame Sally, the UK’s chief medical officer, expressed concern, acknowledging that vaping is a “time bomb” action “, which can cause long-term harm. She said that if vaping is much safer than smoking tobacco, it probably will be a smooth way to give up smoking. Sally also shared that she would not like having any flavored e-cigarettes because, in her opinion, they would attract more young people into vaping and probably smoking, which is hazardous. After all, we do not know the long-term consequences.

Vaping And Other Human Habits That Influence Health

Proponents of the second approach to the effects of vaping on human health will say, β€œYes, the e-cigarette is harmful, but it is much better than smoking traditional tobacco.” However, even if you do not take into account the fact that when buying a vape, most users take completely unknown consequences for their health, it should be borne in mind that according to current statistics, most users of e-cigarettes combine them with traditional tobacco products. Accordingly, instead of at least theoretically reducing the damage to their health, a person who previously smoked regular cigarettes doubles it, if not triples, because vapes or an e-cigarette starter kit themselves remain today a product that is unexplored to the end and can provoke various kinds and levels of health consequences, reaching to fatalities of young people. In addition, those who want to quit smoking usually do not achieve their goal and simply, in addition, still use electronic cigarettes.

Therefore, the health impact of e-cigarettes is quite vague, given the lack of time to study such a large number of substances. There are lists of substances that will be 100% harmful in e-cigs and will provoke various diseases in people. However, keep in mind that these lists are not complete, but are just the tip of the iceberg. It should also be borne in mind that safe or considered safe to swallow substances may be dangerous if inhaled. This may seem strange, but there is no doubt that such a possibility exists and can be understood with a couple of examples. Diacetyl is an ingredient widely used in the food industry to flavor butter. Over the decades of use, it has never caused any problems, and its oral toxicity has been shown to be negligible. But American popcorn workers, after years of exposure and inhalation of the compound, developed symptoms associated with a condition known as obliterative bronchiolitis. Despite these preconditions, diacetyl is used by many manufacturers of liquids for vaping both consciously and unconsciously: Studies of the presence of this compound in American liquids have shown its presence in about a third of products. Another more relevant and tragic example as oils such as alpha-tocopherol acetate (vitamin E). In this case, it is an inexpensive antioxidant used by the illegal US industry to package products based on THC. Some oils are good for e-cigarettes because they produce thick and pleasant smoke, which is often toxic, as evidenced by thousands of consumers hospitalized throughout the United States. ”


In conclusion, we can say that no matter what angle you look at electronic smoking, it is unlikely to be considered harmless. And even if you quit smoking, it’s better to find another less harmful way to quit than just to add e-cigarettes to regular cigarettes, because statistics show that most vape users smoke tobacco in parallel. So take care of your health because you are worth it!

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