Health Hazards Seniors Should Look Out For

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As we age, we can often find it extremely difficult to cope with the whole process. It seems at times impossible and terribly unjust for us to be less able to do any physical work and we may start to experience pain on a regular basis. There is a number of conditions that come merely as a consequence of the aging process and they are unfortunately very unpleasant. Sadly, we cannot be as energetic as 16-year-olds throughout our whole life, but we can at least try. Nevertheless, the majority of health problems that seniors face aren’t curable, but they may be at least treatable. This is why it is important to try and live as healthy as possible in order to prevent some of the symptoms from showing or to help eliminate the ones that are already there.


This disease represents a set of conditions surrounding joint pain and inflammation. There are many different types of arthritis and they each have their own various manifestations. Unfortunately, joint pain isn’t exactly the motivation to start being more active, but there is more you can do about it than you might think. First of all, you shouldn’t panic, as many people spend years living with arthritis and are able to remain moderately active. This is why it’s important to see a doctor as soon as symptoms, such as joint pain and decreased range of motion occur. The sooner you know your type and what you’re dealing with, the easier it will be to manage it, as you’ll know how to behave thanks to the individual plan your doctor makes for you.


Cognitive impairment is a very common ’’side effect’’ of aging. However, this can often lead to more serious degrees of memory loss and even dementia. Unfortunately, this disease isn’t curable, but a person can live a somewhat normal life with it depending on the severity of the case. People that suffer from mild dementia can cope with some gentle reminders and also having family members visiting them often. However, those who suffer from severe dementia cannot live on their own. This is why people with dementia should carefully consider the option of moving to a senior facility with 24/7 medical assistance availability. Nowadays, these centres have become extremely popular and are very friendly. Patients can choose their own menu, plan their activities, individualise their room and socialise with other residents. This is why high quality aged care can bring you much more than medical help – it can bring you a whole new social life with friends and fun activities.

Heart Disease

Many people nowadays suffer from heart problems. Almost one in three deaths is the result of heart disease. Whether genetic or as a result of unhealthy habits, heart disease is very present and once you get it, you can’t go back. There are treatments that can keep your problems managed, but there isn’t an ultimate cure. It becomes a part of your life that seriously changes over time. It can stagnate or it can improve, but you cannot fully restore your health no matter what. However, what you can do is become a picture of health. It can serve as a wakeup call and it should motivate you to do some cardio such as walking or biking, as well as take care of your diet. This will have an extremely positive impact on your situation and you’ll be happier and healthier.

All in all, the fact that we must face some of these conditions eventually can be depressing, but it’s the mere reality. Our lives are finite and we all face the same destiny in the end. However, we can enjoy the time we have to the fullest and try to take care of ourselves the best way we can. This might not extend our lives, but it will definitely improve its quality.

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