Healthy Ways To Deal With Grief After Losing A Partner

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If you have lost a partner, grief is normal. It is something that everyone feels in a different way, there is certainly no right or wrong. Dealing with this grief is an important part of processing what has happened and in many ways it secures meaning to what you are going through. Some days will be harder than others, which is part of the bereavement process. However, with support and a focus on the future, you can move forward in a healthy way. Having a mindful approach and giving yourself space to process your emotions can be very effective. 

Join A Support Group

Studies have shown that taking part in a support group can help to lessen the effect of depression and grief over time. Having support from professional staff and caregivers helped them to process their feelings and deal with the anxiety that sometimes comes hand in hand with grief. Even an online support group has been shown to be very effective. If you are living in a remote area, or simply don’t want to leave the house, it helps to know that there is someone there that understands a little of what you are going through. The fact that they are online doesn’t make a difference to the effectiveness of the help.   

Set Yourself A New Challenge

Setting yourself a new challenge if you have lost a spouse can help you in two ways. Firstly it will focus the mind on moving forward. It can be proof to yourself that you can achieve what you want to, despite everything that has happened. Secondly, a new challenge is a healthy way of dealing with grief, even if it provides a welcome distraction. Your challenge doesn’t have to be daredevil – we’re not talking about taking up skydiving. It can be something simple, like learning to crochet, or climbing a local hill. Perhaps there are books that you have always wanted to read, or maybe you want to go back to college. Even little things can help give your life meaning. 

Get Some Exercise

Grief is a complicated process that affects everybody differently and the feelings can often come and go in waves. Getting some regular exercise is a healthy way to help your body to feel better and in turn help you to mentally deal with what has happened. Exercise triggers the release of serotonin, endorphins, glutamate and dopamine, all of which play a large role in mood control. It can help to give you an inner sense of calm, as well as helping you to regain your motivation – something that you will need to move forward in your life. Your exercise doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, even a 30 minute brisk walk will elevate the heart rate. Joining a class is always a good idea too, it makes exercise a more sociable experience.

Losing a partner can be an extremely difficult time in your life and the feelings of grief may be overwhelming. Seeking counselling and talking to others can help you to move forward and understand your emotions. By looking after yourself and your own wellbeing, you can deal with grief and start to feel more positive.

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