Hottest Beauty Trends You Must Try This Fall

Are you looking to upgrade and update your makeup for the new season and sport a fresh new look? Well, fall is usually a great time to experiment with interesting makeup because people often tend to take their clothing down a notch and embrace more neutral colours during the colder period. So, in order to stay up-to-date with what’s hot in the world of beauty and makeup, take a look at our predictions for the hottest beauty trends this fall.

A Touch Of Blush

If you want to go back to your youth days, add a touch of pink blush to your look. This dewy fall/winter look will instantly liven up your complexion and soften your features. If you want to highlight your playfulness and innocence, some blush is perfect for you. Pair your look with soft pink lips and light pink eyes for a trendy monotone makeup look that’s been popular for some time now.

Matte Lips

They are back! Lush, velvety red lips are taking over the runways again. This bold beauty trend looks best when paired with something simple like minimal makeup and natural skin, however, if you take a look at the fall/winter 2019 runway and Louis Vuitton’s collection, you can see that it can also be paired with fierce liner wings. It gives a nice balance to your face.

Brown Eyeshadow

Give your eyes some definition in a very subtle way with a light wash of brown or taupe eyeshadow. Depending on how you apply it, it can have a wonderful effect of opening up your eyes or giving them that mysterious and seductive shadow. You can make the best use of this trend by creating a brown eyeshadow and keeping the rest of the face free of makeup. Apply your brown to the lid, extend it outward and leave the edges unblended for that flattering yet dark look.

Glitter And Sparkle

If you’re not into minimalism at all, don’t worry – here’s something for you! Glitter makeup will be all over the city in the fall. If you just take a look at the runway, you’ll see that Rodarte and Ashish went for a more-is-more look with ultra-glittery makeup. This look goes hand-in-hand with very feminine outfits and large, flowing dresses. If you really want to sparkle and shine, go glitter-studded from lip to brow.

Fresh Skin

Fall can be very harsh on the skin with its cold air and drying winds blasting you in the face. As a consequence, many designers choose to give their models beautiful and glowing skin plump with hydration that looks impenetrable to any type of damage caused by extreme weather. So if you want to try out this trend, ditch your shimmery highlighters and grab a good moisturiser. Perfect the look with minimal foundation and just a hint of neutral eyeshadow and your skin will take the main stage. In order to add interest, choose a gorgeous necklace to finish your look. You can always find a trendy online fashion boutique and grab something that fits your natural and neutral style, but also adds a touch of boldness to your fall look! If you love jewelry and accessories, this is a makeup trend for you.

Experimental Makeup

If you caught a glimpse of HBO’s new hit Euphoria and its characters, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about when we say experimental eye makeup. From floating flicks to anime-inspired Twiggy liner to black and white liner frames, you can expect anything and everything. Feel free to think outside the box here and really express your artistic side with your makeup. You can even go as bold as adding metallic strips and silvery lashes to your out-of-this-world look!

Pops Of Colour

If you’re looking for a simpler yet effective way to add some playfulness to your look, you can opt for small yet enticing pops of colour to your eyes. Often, small details like little arrows of bright neon eyeshadow just above the crease can be more impactful than anything too bold and over-the-top. Or you can go even subtler by blending some green eyeshadow into the outer corner of your eye to give your black eyeliner some character.

From very subtle natural looks to experimental and alien pops of colour, this fall will bring us a lot of new trends to try out. Find something that fits your personality (or surprise everyone by stepping out of your comfort zone) and enjoy the new season in front of us in style!

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