How Capturing Moments Of Joy Can Improve Your Wellbeing

For weeks now we’ve had empty photo frames up in our house. And this is for no other reason than that we simply haven’t been able to choose which photos to put up. I guess to some extent we’re spoiled for choice these days, aren’t we? We take pictures on a daily basis, using our phones to capture those moments of joy, and then instantly posting them on social media. And whilst I love being able to share these images so easily with friends and family, it doesn’t stir up quite the same emotions as it does when you have something physically printed out and put on display in your home.

Creating Visual Memories With Photos

Let me explain a little bit more about these empty photo frames then. A few months back I bought a decorative metal framework of a map, and I had this brainwave idea that I could get some photo prints of all our family travels and then artfully display the photos around the specific areas on the map. Genius, I know. Over the years, we’ve travelled to lots of different places as a family (Iceland, Dubai, Singapore, Bali to name but a few) and I love the thought of being able to document these moments of joy in a visual way. So, I’ve got the idea, I’ve got the frames, and yet somehow I still haven’t got round to doing it. And I’ve worked out the problem. It’s that I’ve got too many photos to choose from. I mean it’s not a bad problem to have, I grant you (first world problems and all that) but because there are so many photos and because I haven’t been great at deleting bad ones or archiving them etc. the job to print out a handful of photos has suddenly snowballed.

I am determined to not let that stop me however, because surrounding ourselves with photos of special moments from our past bring us huge amounts of joy. And let’s be honest, it brings far, far more joy than gazing at empty frames!

Why Should We Have Photos Up Around The Home?

Photos take us back to times we had fun. Holidays, special occasions, ‘firsts’, those precious moments of joy in our lives. They remind us of people we love, the people that are special to us, or people who may no longer with us. Every time we glance over at that photo on the mantelpiece we are immediately transported back in time to that place, those people, the emotions connected with that time. It’s all well and good having millions of photos published online, but unless you’re looking at them regularly, what purpose do they serve?

I want to walk into a room and be reminded of the day we got married, my kids losing their first teeth, the day we got the dog, that time at the beach when we all jumped in the sea. So many happy memories that make me feel warm inside and bring a smile to my face. What a shame to keep them locked up inside a computer. And I guess more so than ever the past couple of years have taught us not to take these moments for granted. When we were locked away inside our homes during the pandemic, what better way to be reminded and feel connected to our loved ones when we couldn’t actually see them in person, than to have them there with us in picture form.

Photographs play an important role in our lives. But it’s not just about taking a trip down memory lane, there are also benefits to be had to our overall wellbeing. Looking at photos can help boost our mood if we’re feeling down and this in turn helps to alleviate stress. It’s very difficult to look at a photo of people laughing without feeling as though you want to laugh too. Emotions are powerfully contagious and combined with the nostalgia a particular memory may evoke it can make us feel valued, loved, and included. I guess you could say we feel part of the bigger picture – pun fully intended!

Capturing Moments Of Joy That Last A Lifetime

Photos tell our life story. They capture those split-second moments that are so precious to us, but yet without this visual record could be so easily forgotten. And whilst each image only physically captures a static moment they are also capable of providingΒ  a whole narrative.

I started this post having a bit of a moan about the number of photos I’ve got, but do you know what? I’m glad I’ve got lots of photos, because it’s these snapshots that remind me who I am and what I’ve done. And I don’t want to miss one single moment.

*collaborative post

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