How Full Spectrum CBD Works And Why Users Love it

Over the years since its legalization, CBD has become increasingly popular in the eyes of the Canadian population. Canadians are gradually discovering all the wonderful effects of CBD. Consequently, most of the stigma surrounding it in Canada has generally shifted to a more positive perspective.

While the positive boost has applied to most CBD products, some types of products have experienced much more growth in popularity than others. A prime example of this is full spectrum products. So, what exactly makes full spectrum CBD more special than other types of cannabidiol for Canadians to the extent that you’re likely to find full spectrum products at almost every dispensary in Canada?

How Does Full Spectrum CBD Work?

Before you learn what exactly makes full spectrum CBD so appealing to Canadians, you should first know what differentiates it from other types and how it works.

Understanding the concept of full spectrum is easy; in fact, the name itself is self-explanatory. To put it simply, full spectrum contains all of the compounds extractable from the hemp plant, and there are a lot!

The plant contains more than a hundred compounds that are similar in nature and working to CBD; however, not all of them can be considered as important. In fact, the two most important cannabinoids (compounds extracted from the hemp plant) are THC and CBD. Out of both of these, THC is famed for being a vital component of marijuana.

While full spectrum products do contain THC to a degree, there’s no reason to get alarmed. After all, it only contains 0.3% THC, which is the legal amount allowed in Canadian markets and is much less than the minimum amount required to get an individual high.

In summary, full spectrum products contain all the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, including THC and CBD; however, what exactly makes it unique? According to research, cannabidiol performs and displays its effects a lot better when paired with other cannabinoids from hemp.

It is also interesting to see that many users are choosing full spectrum products because they are the most unrefined or natural extract of the products available in Canadian markets. Another and perhaps more important reason for their popularity is the fact that full-spectrum products provide the entourage effect, which brings us to the next part of the question.

Why Do People In Canada Love Full Spectrum CBD So Much?

While there are still many speculations regarding the entourage effect of full spectrum CBD, many experts agree that the entourage effect exists mainly because every cannabinoid in the hemp plant is present in this type of product.

What exactly is the entourage effect? To state simply, whenever CBD is paired with CBN (another compound from hemp), THC, and all other hemp compounds, it creates a special relationship or balance known as the entourage effect. This means that while cannabidiol alone is beneficial for an individual, the combined ratio or the resulting entourage effect from the full spectrum variant will increase these benefits even further.

Furthermore, full spectrum CBD also contains another compound known as terpenes. Although it exists in every tree and plant, terpenes are mainly known for giving hemp the particular scent it’s known for.

However, the role of terpenes isn’t just limited to smell. It was found that terpenes in full-spectrum can interact with the endocannabinoid system within the human body to achieve the entourage effect more positively. While not every cannabinoids enthusiast loves the smell of the product, they cannot deny the fact that the presence of terpenes is vital to full spectrum and that the entourage effect would be unachievable without it.

With all said and done, full spectrum CBD because it is the most natural or raw form of cannabinoids extract available in the Canadian markets, and it also enhances the effects of all kinds of products exponentially due to all the other cannabinoids present in it. And this is precisely why it is considered a lot more beneficial and effective than other variants such as broad-spectrum or CBD isolate in Canada.

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