How Hanging Pants on your Door Knob can help you Workout!

March is here and it’s often the time of year when all those new year’s resolutions have dropped off the face of the earth and we start to lose our fitness mojo.

But don’t worry!

Here are some top tips to keep you motivated, so those sparkly gym shoes see some action this Spring:

Hang your Running Pants on the Door Knob

Yes, those type of pants! Keep your gym bag by the front door. Preferably somewhere where you’ll literally trip over it. Have it ready to go – towel, shampoo, trainers, pants, whatever you need. It will act as a reminder to get to your workout and mean you’re fully prepared and ready to go.

Keep your Kit in the Car

If you’re a Pilates or Yoga bunny make sure you keep your mat, block etc. in your car. This way you won’t feel tempted to miss a class just because you can’t find your kit.

Write a List

The minute you wake up make a to-do list, but always make sure the first 2 items are about YOU! For example,

1. Do a Circuits Class.

2. Meditate for 5 minutes.

Make sure you tick off at least one of those items each day.

Get some sleep!Get some Sleep

When we’re tired and frazzled the last thing we feel like doing is hitting the weights room. Factor in some early nights at the start of the week so that you are raring to go. It will also make you less likely to eat junk food, which we tend to do when we’re chasing sleep.

Have an Accountability Buddy

Arrange with a friend or colleague to text you to see how you got on with your workout that day. Choose someone who will be supportive, rather than judgemental. Just knowing someone else is interested in your progress will keep you motivated and you will be much more likely to turn up for your class.

Make Meet-ups Active

Next time you arrange to meet up with a friend why not make it an active one? It could be for a walk before your coffee or a bike ride to a picnic spot etc.

Dumb and Dumber

Keep a pair of dumb bells in the kitchen, the lounge etc., so you can do some shoulder presses or biceps curls whilst watching TV or waiting for the kettle to boil!

Pay up front for a Fitness Course

Paying for a course of classes or a bootcamp will help you turn up to each session. If you’ve already paid for it you won’t want to be out of pocket, plus your health will get a real boost too.

Practice Positive Affirmations

When you glimpse the first sign of a barrier preventing you from getting to your workout; whether it’s self doubt, a busy work schedule or lack of energy, repeat some positive affirmations to yourself, such as:

Positive Affirmations‘I deserve to be healthy and well’

‘I want to feel good about myself’

‘My physical and emotional health are worth investing in’.

Make these affirmations part of your every day life and these thoughts will become truths.

Practice Radical Self Care

Why are we so ready to let others sabotage our precious self care time? Do you find yourself missing your workout because you’ve had to take a phone call or give your teenager a lift somewhere​? Just like the analogy of putting on your in-flight gas mask before you help someone else with theirs, make sure you are prioritising your health. If you aren’t functioning well, you will struggle to help others. Plan ahead. Have a circle of supportive friends and family members who can share the load with lifts and duties. By doing this we’ll also be helping our kids grow up prioritising their own health and well-being, as they see us practising these values in our own lives.

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Julia Willmott - Personal Trainer and Fitness InstructorJulia Willmott is an award-winning Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer based in Petersfield Hampshire.

She specialises in Women’s Health and Menopausal Fitness.


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