How Maternity Insurance Can Help During And After Pregnancy

The necessity of purchasing individual health insurance plans has grown in recent times, which can be attributed to the rising cost of healthcare. However, individuals often forget the importance of buying a maternity insurance plan along with their health care policies. This add-on facility can help in covering the various expenses related to childbirth. Not only the hospitalisation costs, but a maternity cover also offers post-delivery care, which is crucial for the mother and the baby.

Thus, to-be parents who want to ease the financial burden of childbirth can go through the following sections to know all about maternity insurance and its benefits.

Benefits Of Having Maternity Insurance

Maternity cover can be availed as a standalone policy. However, most insurance companies offer them as a rider. This add-on policy covers normal as well as caesarean childbirth.

The various benefits of a maternity cover are:

1. Coverage for pre and post-natal expenses

A maternity insurance plan usually provides coverage for pre and post-natal expenses. Pre-natal expenses include tests, medical check-ups, various medicines, ultrasounds and other related costs. In simple terms, all medical procedures and consultations that keep the baby safe before childbirth can benefit from pre-natal coverage. Further, most pre-natal benefits cover the expenses incurred from nearly 30 days before the mother is hospitalised.

When it comes to post-natal coverage, the insurance company covers expenses relating to further treatments, check-ups and vaccinations of the new-born. Depending upon the type of cover, the cost of hospitalisation for the baby after childbirth can also be covered.

Moreover, post-hospitalisation coverage benefits can be availed for up to 60 days after the discharge of a mother and a child.

2. Comprehensive financial protection

Since medical treatment costs are going up across the country, to get a good healthcare facility, one has to clear a hefty medical bill, which can increase and bring a notable financial burden.

Thus, to stay financially protected throughout the pregnancy period, and even after that, a maternity insurance plan comes to help. With pre and post-natal coverage, one can be sure of receiving complete protection of the child.

3. Peace of mind

Having a maternity cover does not provide peace of mind not only to the mother, but the entire family. It saves the policyholders from facing financial troubles while availing of quality treatment at a top-notch hospital during pregnancy or childbirth.

Inclusions Under Maternity Cover

The various inclusions of health insurance with maternity cover are:

  • Pre and post-hospitalisation expenses
  • Expenses related to pregnancy termination in life-threatening situations
  • Coverage for a new-born baby for up to 90 days of birth
  • Coverage relating to vaccinations

Exclusions Under Maternity Insurance

It is also essential to know the different expenses that are not covered under a maternity cover. Find them below:

  • Cost of medicines not related to pregnancy or childbirth
  • Cost of medication for pre-existing conditions if found during pregnancy
  • Congenital diseases
  • Infertility treatment costs
  • Expenses of tonics, vitamins or other supplements
  • Ectopic pregnancy, unless mentioned in the policy
  • Claims made during the waiting period

It is necessary that one choose a maternity cover that comes with a cashless claim facility. Subsequently, individuals do not have to go through any last-minute hassles of hospitalisation, as the insurer takes care of the bills directly.

If individuals do not have health insurance with maternity cover right now, they can purchase one from leading aggregators online. They can visit their online portal to find a suitable policy depending on their requirements.

Maternity insurance can cover the mother and the baby before and after hospitalisation and save the family from its associated financial burden. However, note that different insurance companies lay down different terms and conditions regarding such policies. So ensure to go through them in detail before making a purchase.

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