How to Start Exercising When You Don’t Have the Time or the Motivation

Getting started with something new such as working out, or eating less processed food is not an easy process. I know – it was hard for me when I decided to make this change, and I know it is hard for most of the people I coach. And I can only imagine that it is so much more challenging for people with chronic illnesses that might creep into their everyday tasks.

Even so, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And I can’t wait to share just one of the many inspiring stories that I’ve come across. So if you are looking for ways that will help you take action and become a healthier and better version of yourself, by improving your physique and by living a better and healthier life, this post will be right up your alley.

Just 4% Of Your Day

The most common excuse I hear from people is lack of time. I know everybody is busy, I know there’s always something to do or somewhere you need to be. But when you really want to do something, when you really want to achieve something, you make it a priority. You make time for it.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say in one of his interviews – “1-hour workout is just 4% of your day”. All of a sudden, that doesn’t sound like a whole lot of time anymore, does it?

On top of that, you can get in an effective work out in just 30 minutes instead of 1 full hour and you can work out every other day, not each day. So the “I don’t have time” line is not really an excuse for me.

When the Pope has time to work out, when the President has time to work out, you have time to work out. You just need to make it a priority.

Wake Up Early

One little trick that I started to experiment with back in 2015, and I made it a habit as time passed, is to wake up early. It is amazing how well you can organise your day when you wake up 2-3 hours before everybody else does.

There are no distractions at 5 AM, there are no phone calls to answer, there are no meetings to attend, the kids are sleeping, and you have time just for yourself. So that’s a good time of the day to find 30-40 minutes to exercise.

This is something that ET “The Hip Hop Preacher” is always talking about and I myself am a big advocate of waking up early

Before we move on to the next point, let me just give you a little quote from an interview with Dwaine “The Rock” Johnson:

“I work out twice before everyone wakes up”.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

So, give it a try. I know it’s hard to wake up early, especially if you are not really a morning person, but give it a shot. Maybe it will grow on you.

For me personally, I noticed that putting your cell/alarm clock in a different room helps a lot. This way you need to get out of the bed and walk to the phone and turn off the alarm. When you put it next to the bed there’s pretty good chance you’ll be hitting the snooze button.

Start Off Slowly

Just as with anything you do in life, you will need to start from the bottom and build your way up to the top. I know everybody wants results overnight, but that’s not how fitness works. It takes time and effort. And if anyone tells you otherwise they are either ignorant or they’re trying to sell you a scam product.

So start off with baby steps and be patient. Put in the work and don’t expect any noticeable results until after 2-3 months of serious work.

I know that the workouts might be challenging at first, but start off slowly and build your way up from there. If you can only jog for 5 minutes, that’s fine. Do that for 1 month and you’ll make progress. Enjoy the journey. Eventually, you will be jogging for 40 or 60 minutes effortlessly.

I remember when I first got into weight lifting. It was a real struggle at first, but eventually, I got better and better at it. It kind of grew on me, so I decided to become a certified personal trainer and make a career out of it.

Don’t Compete With The Others

When you are just starting out, comparing yourself with the guy or gal next to you can be harsh on you. I know it was taught to me. Everybody in the gym was slimmer, stronger, better looking, more experienced at using all the machines.

But we all have to start somewhere, right? Everybody was a beginner at some point; everybody was out of shape in the beginning.

What you should do instead is focus on getting better each day. Try to become a better version of yourself and you will make progress. Stop looking at the others. Stop comparing yourself to someone who has been working out for years.

Try to beat the person in the mirror instead.

It Gets Easier Over Time

If you are one of those people that drags themself to the gym each day, and you don’t like physical activities in general, I have good news for you. It gets easier over time.

Your body gets used to it, your mind gets used to it and eventually, it becomes a habit. Heck, you might even start to like it when you notice that you are getting better at it or that you start looking better or your friends are complimenting you about how much weight you’ve lost or how toned up your look.

Get Inspired

I mentioned at the very beginning of this post that I will be sharing a story to get you motivated and fired up.

This is a story of a guy who is quite popular on YouTube – Furious Pete. His main thing is that he eats all kind of foods really, really fast. But he’s also into fitness, and that is how I stumbled upon his channel.

One day, Pete was diagnosed with cancer, he had surgery, he was fine for a while. Then the cancer came back and he had to do chemo. He shares the struggle on his channel, but he never gives up training and being as active as a person in his circumstances can be.

I find the guy and his story really motivational. If he can do it, I don’t think there are many of us who can come up with excuses.

Over To You

With that being said, it is only up to you to find the inner motivation and strength to become active and live your life like any other normal individual, regardless of your condition or your personal situation.

There’s a path around anything. The only question is whether you have the willpower to take that path.

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Tyler has been working as a certified personal trainer for over 10 years specialising in weight loss and functional training with women between the ages of 30-65. He also enjoys helping others become industry leading personal trainers through his website and YouTube Channel.

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