How To Choose Trousers Depending On Your Body Type

One experience that can feel like a needle in a haystack is finding the right pair of trousers. Nowadays, there are so many styles, cuts, and fabrics to choose from that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The best way to start is to understand your body type and how different trouser styles complement your proportions. In this blog, we’ll explore how to choose trousers that flatter your figure, enhancing your silhouette and boosting your confidence.

Your Body Type

A great place to start and to make the process feel less complicated is with your body shape. Here are some common body shapes and their defining characteristics:

Hourglass: Defined waist with balanced proportions between bust and hips.

 Pear: Narrower shoulders and bust with wider hips and thighs.

Apple: Fuller midsection with narrower hips and legs.

Rectangle: Straight silhouette with minimal waist definition.

Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders and bust with narrower hips and waist.

 Choosing Trousers Depending On Your Body Type

Now that the hard part is done, choosing your trouser type should be easier. Let’s explore which trouser styles are best suited to enhance your natural shape:

Hourglass Trousers

  • High-waisted trousers: Accentuate your waist and create a balanced silhouette.
  • Bootcut or flared trousers: Add volume to the lower half, complementing your curves.
  • Vintage trousers: Can create a long, lean line and balance out your proportions.

Pear Trousers

  • Straight-leg trousers: Streamline your silhouette and minimise emphasis on the hips.
  • Bootcut trousers: Balance out wider hips and thighs while elongating the legs.
  • A-line skirts: Flare gently from the waist, creating a flattering shape.

Apple Trousers

  • High-waisted trousers: Cinch in the waist and create the illusion of a more defined midsection.
  • Wide-leg trousers: Provide structure and balance to the upper body.
  • Trousers with vertical stripes: Lengthen the silhouette and draw attention away from the midsection.

Rectangle Trousers

  • Skinny or slim-fit trousers: Add definition to your silhouette and create the illusion of curves.
  • Trousers with detailing at the hips: Enhance the appearance of curves and add dimension.
  • Belts or sashes: Cinch in the waist to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

Inverted Trousers

  • Wide-leg or flared trousers: Balance out broad shoulders and create a more proportional silhouette.
  • Trousers with embellishments at the hem: Draw attention downwards and create visual interest.
  • Dark-coloured trousers: Create a slimming effect on the lower half of the body.


Choosing trousers that complement your body type can make a difference in how you look and feel. By understanding your proportions and selecting styles that enhance your natural shape, you can build a wardrobe that exudes confidence and style. Experiment with different cuts, fabrics, and details to find the perfect fit for your body type, and remember that the most important factor is how you feel when you wear them.

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