How To Create An Outdoor Meditation Space

Setting up a specific area in which you can do your meditation is always a great idea. A dedicated meditation space, a refuge where you can go anytime to recharge your mental batteries and lower your stress.

Nature is a great place where you can do this, as even just a few minutes in the outdoors can dramatically improve one’s mood. However, it may mean taking a bit of time to travel there and isn’t something that can be achieved for some people.

The next best thing is to use your space outdoors to create a peaceful sanctuary where you can meditate, do yoga or simply sit and listen to the sounds of the birds or wind through the trees.

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can set up any outdoors space as your personal retreat.

Use A Water Feature

Outdoor water fountains are almost mandatory if you plan to make your space outside as calm and peaceful as possible in order to be able to meditate. The reason being is that the sound of water is highly therapeutic. Just listening to the bubbling of a water fountain or the water over rocks in a brook will lead to an almost hypnotic state. When you achieve this state from listening to the sound, it can also help lower your blood pressure and reduce stress. No meditation space should be without a water feature, even if it is indoors.

Surround It With Plants

Plants are a great way to cleanse the air of impurities and leave the immediate area rich in oxygen. This increase in oxygen will go a long way towards cleansing your mind and improve your breathing. Have lots of trees around to provide shade and also the therapeutic sound of the wind rustling through the leaves. If you are using a balcony, then potted plants that block out the activity of the area outside your balcony will help quite a bit. They will also block out any noise from traffic or people.

Create A Natural Altar

Every meditation space benefits from a focal point. Use some stones and create a small structure that you can use to focus your attention and energy, which will help ease you into a meditative state. You can then decorate the altar with any type of adornment or special object that holds meaning for you. It’s important that the foundation is made of natural materials. Wood, stone, or crystals are all suitable and will keep the natural theme in place.

Make It Comfortable

To make sure you are getting good use out of the space, make sure it is comfortable. Being outside can mean rustic and natural, but if you have to sit on a cold, damp ground then you are not using the space to its potential. Bring out some mats to place on the ground and throw in some blankets to complete the space. It can be temporary if you wish to be able to use the setting up of your space as a ritual to add to the meditative quality.

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