How To Design Your Own Private Zen Den: 7 Fun Ideas

The zen den trend popped up a few years ago and people have loved it ever since. The idea is to create a space that exists in your home purely for relaxation and calm.

It is a place where you can have some quiet time, meditate or practice mindfulness. Here’s how to plan your space and seven fun ideas for inspiration.

Getting Started

First, decide what your zen den theme will be. Do you want to meditate and do your evening stretch, or read a book and listen to some music? This theme will help you choose the necessary items and decor for your zen space.

To design the perfect zen den, you only need to follow these three guidelines:

  • Make the space far from distractions and areas of high traffic in you home.
  • Only include key items. A clutter-free space will help you relax easier.
  • Prioritize your senses. Think soft, grounding and calming.

With these guidelines in mind, you can create a space to spend time alone deep in thought, destressing and recharging. A visible space or boundary will also help you get people to respect your alone time. They’ll know to spark up conversation later when you’re in that space.

Fun Ideas For Your Private Zen Den

Your zen den can be anywhere, whether you’re transforming a corner of your bedroom or converting a two-car garage. If you’re planning on the latter, you can typically expect to free up about 600 square feet — not a bad amount of space.

Ready to move your car? Here are seven ways to transform your space into something special.

1. Add A Statement Piece 

Whether it’s a bold artwork, a colorful rug, or a unique piece of furniture, a statement piece can help set the tone for your zen den. Consider something that reflects your personal style and creates a sense of calm. If your zen time is usually in the evening, consider putting up fairy lights or a mood light for a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Incorporate Plants

Plants are calming, so incorporating them into your zen den is a great way to promote relaxation. Choose low-maintenance species like succulents or air plants with neutral-colored pots to keep the zen feel. If you’re more creative, it’s a great opportunity to put your painting skills to the test and draw soothing patterns or lines on the pots or vases.

3. Use Soft Lighting 

Harsh overhead lights can be overwhelming, so use soft lighting like table lamps, floor lamps, or string lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Try to incorporate natural light as much as you can. Sunlight boosts serotonin levels, which can positively affect your mood and help you feel calmer. You could also try lights that mimic sunlight if your zen den is in an enclosed space.

4. Add Comfortable Seating

A comfortable place to sit is essential for a zen den. Use plush pillows, bean bags or a hammock to create a cozy seating area. If you love soft toys or fuzzy blankets, include them in your zen den design. Babies and children love plush toys for a reason, and increasing research shows soft objects can reduce anxiety for adults because of their soothing nature. You can also add a meditation cushion or a yoga mat for practicing mindfulness.

5. Create A Calming Soundtrack

Sound can greatly impact your mood and anxiety levels. If you live in a noisy area and need some time for peace, create a playlist of calming music nature sounds, or white noise to play in the background while you relax in your zen den. Keep your sound device safe and stable with a minimalist wooden stool — make it a weekend DIY project if you feel confident.

6. Incorporate Aromatherapy

Certain scents like lavender, rosemary and frankincense can promote calmness and reduce stress. Incorporate essential oils or scented candles with calming scents like chamomile or vanilla to create a peaceful atmosphere.

If your zen den is meditation focused, consider burning incense. Traditional incense burners offer a relaxing practice, which you can use to enter your relaxed state after a long day.

7. Keep It Clutter-Free 

Clutter can be distracting and stress inducing. If you can’t move things to another room, keep your zen den clutter-free by immediately storing any items you don’t need in baskets that match your theme.

When your zen den is more of a zen corner, double up your storage as comfortable seating. A clean space will help create a sense of serenity.

Find Zen In Your New Relaxation Den

Your zen den should reflect your preferences on what makes you feel relaxed. Experiment with different elements until you find the perfect combination for you.

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