How To Get Approved For Long Term Disability Benefits?

Applying and becoming subsequently approved for disability benefits is often a long and difficult process, as anyone who has been in the position of need is well aware. If you or a loved one have fallen into one of the situations requiring assistance in this tedious process, the first step will be to contact a knowledgeable disability benefits lawyer who can help guide you through the process. They will evaluate your case to determine how their legal team can be of assistance.

Information regarding the process is invaluable to your successful navigation of this challenging experience but do know that help is available. If you are seeking assistance in the Los Angeles, California region, contact an LA long term disability attorney today for an evaluation of your case. We would be glad to see how we can be of assistance to you and your family.

What Are Long Term Disability Benefits?

A long term disability is considered to be any illness or injury expected to incapacitate you for 60 or more days. The first consideration regarding long term disability benefits is whether or not you have a long term disability insurance policy. This is often offered as a benefit by your employer but you may have purchased a policy independently. If this is the case for you, you will need to apply for benefits through the policy you hold. Unfortunately, insurance companies make their profits not by approving claims, but by paying out as little as they can manage and that often means denying many legitimate applications for benefits. Another tactic often used is to simply delay payout for as long as possible, at an unfair disadvantage to you at the worst possible time.

Meanwhile, the bills are piling up and your stress levels can worsen your condition when you are already struggling. If this is happening to you in LA, California, the legal team at Pisegna and Zimmerman, Attorneys at Law, wants to help. Please contact us right away for a consultation to see how we can be of assistance.

The next option for long term disability benefits is to apply with the US Social Security Administration for one of two options. The Social Security Disability Insurance program is available to those who qualify by having adequately paid Social Security taxes on employment earnings. Another avenue for benefits is Social Security income, a program that assists those with very limited resources and income who qualify as medically disabled enough to be unable to increase their income.

Do You Qualify for Long Term Disability Benefits?

Determining your eligibility for long term disability benefits is a complex and often frustrating process. First you need to determine whether you have insurance policy benefits available and then whether or not you qualify for a supplemental Social Security benefit. A long term disability attorney can help guide you through this confusing process. Don’t hesitate to consult with one today to see what assistance may be available to you.

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