How To Stay Healthy And Safe When Working Out At Home

Exercise is known to have many health benefits. We work out for desired outcomes such as building strength, shedding unwanted fat and increasing overall fitness, which can indirectly help boost confidence, self-esteem and even sex life. While gyms closed during lockdown restrictions, working out from home became the new normal through YouTube tutorials and apps, with some even finding home exercising just as effective as a gym workout.

The significant financial benefits also helped boost the popularity of working out from home, as most home workout sessions are free to use, eliminating the need for monthly gym membership fees and commuting costs. While gyms provide exercise equipment and machines, you may need a little creativity to maintain levelled workouts at home, which is not without risks. With the convenience of home exercising, consider all options when choosing the workout environment that is best for you.

Adapting To Home Exercise

There is an extensive range of options to get fit and healthy with home workouts. Fitness classes were redefined through digital communication, and for those who wanted to try something new, such as yoga, home demonstration videos became hugely accessible. This worked well, particularly for beginners or those with body confidence issues, as the daunting prospect of working out in front of others became much more private.

Home workouts can become monotonous, with less available equipment and facilities. There are many free YouTube fitness channels to keep you moving, so you can regularly change your routine and stay motivated. One option that has become increasingly popular is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves fast, short bursts of exercise over a shorter period. HIIT is convenient for those with a busy lifestyle and has been linked with many health benefits, including improved heart health and increased metabolism. However, it can be risky due to the increased intensity. While it may be tempting to achieve faster results, never work out for long extended periods, especially if working out at home alone, as there will be no gym staff to help.

Weight-lifting sessions at home have been trickier to customise unless you have access to suitable equipment. For those who don’t, this may involve a little creativity and if using household furniture as equipment, be sure to test its stability and secureness beforehand. If you are considering a pull-up bar on a doorframe, these can quickly become a safety risk, so make sure to seek advice from an expert to get this secured appropriately. You don’t want to find out that a unit can’t bear your weight in the middle of a set of pull-ups.

Working out alone comes with risks, especially if training hard or pushing yourself. If you ever feel like you have overdone it, seek medical attention immediately.

Consider Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy services can help people affected by injuries from movement or exercise. However, it can be common to assume that treatments are mainly for elite athletes or those with severe physical injuries. Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment against many common conditions, including loss of balance, back pain, headaches, joint problems, knee injury, muscle strains, neck pain and sports injuries, which don’t have to be from strenuous activity.

If you choose the right physiotherapy service, then you can get a step-by-step approach that includes a thorough initial assessment using gentle exercise and diagnostic tests, followed by 3D movement analysis and scans. Your tailored plan will then be devised, with hands-on treatment, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning sessions, where your physiotherapist will monitor your progress and work towards a full recovery.

There are numerous available services to find online. For assured medical experts, it is essential to look for those registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). If you’re looking for a physiotherapist that offers a range of treatments, then consider The Medical. They offer a range of treatments through a step-by-step approach with CSP and HCPC certified physiotherapists so you can be assured of experience and reliability. Check out their services and book a physiotherapy appointment to get yourself back on track if you face an exercise-induced injury.

Maintain Motivation At Home

Keeping a focus solely on your workout session can be simpler at the gym. While staying home to exercise is usually more convenient, distractions are plentiful, especially if you have kids or others at home with you. If you can, getting others involved can be an excellent solution to this.

Putting on headphones with music can be a great way to curb unwanted noise. Listening to music is also great for motivation, as upbeat and inspirational lyrics can help push you during those hesitant workout moments. Here are some of the top songs to get you pumped for a good workout. Simple tricks like keeping a steady fresh airflow can also help maintain motivation.

Ensuring Healthy Habits

Regular exercise is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy, including reducing stress and positively impacting mood. This has been proved scientifically, as the body releases endorphins when you exercise, which help boost memory and thinking, prompting an overall feeling of positivity and wellness. If you feel anxious or stressed out, consider the mental health benefits of exercise to combat this.

Make sure to always work out with good space around you to avoid accidents. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Doing this before, during and after workouts can prevent dehydration and replenish lost fluids, especially if your training is causing you to sweat. While you may be working out on a nice cosy carpet, proper footwear is still essential to avoid foot-related injuries.

Ensure you also set time aside and complete the appropriate warm-up and cool-down stretching. This can be the best course of action to prevent muscle injury, as without proper stretching, even for a couple of minutes, your body will become more vulnerable to muscle pain and tightness.

Working out at home can be highly convenient. So, if you opt for this over the busy gyms, then keep these considerations in mind to get yourself fit as safely as possible.

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