How To Up Your Golfing Game In 2021: Why You Need An Electric Golf Buggy

During the height of the pandemic, many people who regularly golf were unable to enjoy their favourite pastime, and now that lockdowns around the world are beginning to ease, people want to up their game. Golfing often requires carrying heavy equipment around with you when you play a round. In an effort to save their backs, many golfers have opted to invest in electric golf buggies, which are fantastic pieces of equipment that also save you time and energy during a round. In our guide, we’ll explain why you need to add an electric golf buggy to your essential golfing gear.

Better For Your Health

When you play an 18 hole course, you typically walk around 10,000 steps and cover about 8.5km. It is a long way to be lugging your gold back on your back, especially if you’re an older golfer when golf bags weigh around 9kg; this weight throughout the course can be exhausting if you’re carrying the golf bag on your back. When you use an electric golf buggy, you still get the benefits of walking the course in the sunshine, but you remove the risk of overexerting yourself, which can be detrimental to your health.

Reduce Injury

While the joys of walking any golf course are limitless, the act of dragging around 9kg of golfing gear for 8.5km can do some serious damage to your body. As you are constantly lifting and lowering your golf bag for each hole while walking the course, you’re are putting immense strain on your back, elbows, neck, and shoulders. Golfers already have plenty of potential injuries to worry about by playing the sport; you don’t need any more weighing you down. Do your body a favour and check out Hillside Buggies, where you can get yourself a fantastic electric golf buggy.

Simple To Use

Unlike other golf buggies that can be just as tiring to move around the course when you need to push or pull them, an electric golf buggy is not only simple to assemble, but they’re even easier to use. Most electric golf buggies come with an easy-to-use remote that even those who hate technology will find a breeze to use. Setting up your electric golf buggy for the first time should only take you a few minutes, and you’ll be able to enjoy playing a round without ending with a sore back, neck or shoulders.

More Social

The most underappreciated benefit of golfing is the social aspect you can gain from walking the course. If you’re tired from carrying the weight of all your gear, it can impact how social you want to be with the other on the course or those you’re playing with on the day. By walking the course with an electric buggy, you’ll find you are free to chat and interact with your fellow golfers, which can provide you with invaluable insight into improving your game or give you friends for life. Truly enjoy a round of golf without the back-breaking work of lugging your gear for 19 holes.

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