How To Work Out As You Work: 3 Clever Tips 

Today’s busy schedules require you to get a little creative if you want to squeeze in an exercise regimen. Working parents have had to add the title of “home-school teacher” to their resumes, pinching their time even more. Plus, in times of economic uncertainty, you might be one of the many folk tackling a side hustle.

That said, you don’t have to miss out on getting in some physical activity because of a busy schedule. Exercise helps you perform more productively on the clock by easing chronic pain and busting stress. With a bit of ingenuity, you can manage your workload while toning muscle. Here’s how.

1. Tackle A Physical Chore

If like many workers, you spend a significant portion of your workday at your desk, when you add chores into the mix, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. However, some maintenance tasks burn a substantial number of calories. If you weigh 150 pounds, you can torch 189 calories by scrubbing your floors vigorously.

Some tasks don’t take long to complete, making them ideal when you need to stand up from your desk and move. For example, you can vacuum a standard-sized room in only five to ten minutes. This activity can get the blood flowing to your brain, making you more productive when you sit back down at your desk.

2. Add Exercise To Sedentary Activities

Another way to sneak in a workout when your to-do list stretches longer than a CVS receipt is to make ordinarily sedentary activities into more vigorous ones.

For example, if one of your weekend chores involves clearing your entire backyard, you could use a prescribed fire or a bulldozer to make the job lazier. Why not remove the debris by hand, too? It’s the least-invasive method to use, which means it protects your soil and undergrowth while scorching calories.

What about your 9-to-5 at the office? Try the following methods to make your desk job less sedentary.

  • Invest in a variable-height desk: These let you stand up, which burns more calories than sitting. Plus, many people with chronic back pain say the ability to get up and down while staying productive eases their symptoms.
  • Replace your chair with a ball: Inflatable exercise balls engage your core muscles while you sit. You can also bounce up and down to work your quads and hamstrings.
  • Learn some seated yoga: Perform a seated cat-cow by putting your hands down on your lap and alternately arching and rounding your spine. Sit tall and perform a seated twist.
  • Get an under-the-desk mini-bike: You don’t need to add a laptop stand to your Peloton. You can find mini-bikes that you can slide under your desk, enabling you to pedal while you balance expense reports.

3. Use Your Work Breaks

Another way you can squeeze fitness into your day is to make more productive use of your breaks. No, this doesn’t mean eating lunch in front of your screen. You can still enjoy a leisurely meal, but you do get 15 minutes in the afternoon and morning. You can even make your commute work for you.

If like many of us you are currently working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to  keep up your fitness during COVID-19. And not just in the physical sense, but also to help with your mental health as we’re all feeling the strain at the moment.

Walk or Bike to Commute

If you live near your workplace, why not walk or ride your bike, at least when the weather proves agreeable? If you are afraid of getting too sweaty,  you can invest in an electric bike that lets you switch to motor power when the exertion gets to be too much. Do pedal as much as possible for maximum benefits, though.

Walk Around The Block

Taking a walk is free, and you can do it whether you work from home or outside of it. Keep a pair of tennis shoes under your work desk for comfort. Instead of strolling over to the smoker’s bench while on break, challenge yourself to complete some laps as quickly as possible.

Climb Stairs

If you live or work in a multistory building, you have one of the best pieces of fitness equipment at your disposal. Stair-climbing burns as many as 500 calories per hour, even if you only tip the scales at 130 pounds.

Keep Equipment At Your Desk

Finally, if your workplace lacks a fitness facility, you can outfit your desk with inexpensive equipment. You can invest in light hand weights or resistance bands that you can keep in a file drawer. A foam roller makes a fabulous pain-relieving tool — you can massage your spine while engaging your core.

Supercharge Productivity And Save Time – Workout While You Work

It’s challenging to squeeze in a work out when you have a hectic schedule. However, with these creative tips, you can get the activity you need, even when you have a full slate.

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