I Need A Food Processor – Help!

Useful, versatile and fast – no wonder the food processor is such a popular appliance! If you don’t have one yet, allow me to convince you why you should, and why it is sure to become your favourite appliance!

Why This, And Not Another Appliance?

Small appliances tend to move through waves of trendiness, but despite fashions that have come and gone, the food processor has consistently proven its worth. This hard-working kitchen mainstay can chop, mix, grate, puree, knead, grind and cut ingredients in record time, and takes the tedium and frustration of manually chopping with a knife completely out of the equation. Boring, repetitive tasks are cut down to mere seconds, giving you greater accuracy and efficiency in the process.

What Size Should I Get?

Base your choice of size on how big your family is, or on how many people you tend to regularly cook for. A family of 4 would be suited to a food processor with a capacity of approximately 10 cups. However, if you tend to cook in bulk, entertain often, or cook for more people in one go, a bigger size, such as a 14-cup capacity would be more suitable. Anything larger, and you would be moving into commercial sizes.

If you cook for more than 4 people, but storage space is a problem, a 7-cup model should work great for you. It is also more convenient than a 14-cup model, for example, when it comes to processing small amounts, like garlic.

The Sum Of Its Parts

When you open the box of your new food processor, you might be faced with a collection of blades, attachments, and revolving disks. However, when you make the purchase, be sure to check what exactly is included, as you might find that your model requires further attachments that need to be bought separately. Make sure that you have what you need before you start!

Will It Be Noisy?

Food processors can be noisy, although the ones on the upper end of the scale tend to be quieter. As a rule of thumb, you can expect the cheaper kinds to be noisier. If you only need to do basic chopping, you will not need an immensely powerful machine. However, when you start using it for kneading dough, you will need a stronger motor. 700 watts should be generally sufficient for most jobs you may need it to do.

Let’s Begin

To assemble your food processor, make sure it is unplugged. Then attach the bowl to the base of the appliance. Generally, you can expect it to click into place, although this can vary across designs. You can then attach the rotary blades. Double check to see if all is secure by gently shaking the machine. Once the lid is in place, you can fire up your machine and start processing! Take care not to overfill the bowl, to prevent the vessel from overflowing. Cut larger ingredients into more manageable sizes before adding them to the bowl and chopping.

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