Ibiza Holiday Part 2: Teenage Diary 27th August – 2nd September 1994

It’s the second week of my Ibiza family holiday. The drinks are flowing, the angst is rising, and the jumped up ungratefulness levels are sky high. Yep, it’s time for my weekly teenage diary!

Saturday 27th August

Had a bacardi and coke, and a glass of wine, and a kind of liquor and I must admit I did feel a little bit drunk. I’ve got some real bad bruises on my wrists from playing volleyball every morning. It looks like someone has been beating me up. I’m fed up of this holiday now. I really want to go home as I’m missing all my friends and having parties. What annoys me most is that I’m so far away from Percy. Knowing that he’s there in Malmesbury whereas I’m stuck out in Ibiza it really makes me feel depressed. I can’t wait to see him again.

Sunday 28th August

I made friends with a girl called Sarah, or Sara, today – I don’t know which one it is. Anyway, she’s 13 though she could get away with being 18 and she comes from Manchester. She’s really nice and everything, but the only reason she spoke to me is because all the group of her other friends had gone home so she was bored. That’s great isn’t it. I always seem to be second best when it comes round to things like that. We went on the casino trip and I guess I would have enjoyed it if I hadn’t been so cold and tired. We didn’t get back until 2.30am in the morning.

Monday 29th August

Didn’t see Sarah in the daytime, but at night she was hanging around the hotel bar. I said hi to her and expected her to ask me to hang round with her but instead she said hi and then went and talked to her ‘other’ friends. So basically she only made friends with me for the day because none of her other friends were there and she was bored. What a cow. I hope I’ve lost weight. I can check when I go home, but I get the feeling I might have because I play volleyball every morning and I don’t eat that much and I sweat buckets. Hopefully buckets of fat. I’m only hoping I haven’t put on any weight as I’m not exactly Miss Skinny ’94.

Tuesday 30th August

My period came today meaning I’ll be lucky if I’m able to swim again before the holiday’s over. Me, Mum and Dad entered the 40 question general knowledge quiz at The Windmill and if you won you could choose between a bottle of champagne or a jug of sangria. We thought we’d done quite well, but I think we came about third. We also entered for the bingo, but again we didn’t win. Tomorrow night we’re going in for the pop quiz. God knows how we’ll do at that. Anyway, it’ll be a laugh if nothing else and I’ll get to see Aiden and Sinead.

Wednesday 31st August

I want to go home so bad. It’s got to the stage where I’m counting down the days. I topped the tan up on my legs today and they’re beginning to look really nice for the first time in my life. The trouble is I’m peeling really badly on my shoulders and the tops of my arms. I’m rubbing after sun in like no tomorrow, but it still doesn’t seem to be helping it very much. I just hope it doesn’t spread down to the bottom of my arms because they’re the brownest part of me. I had a cocktail called Baby Love and it was so gorgeous. It had banana syrup, pineapple juice, and coconut milk in it. It tasted nice but had an uncanny resemblance to phlegm.

Thursday 1st September

We went to Ibiza town and it was just the best for shopping. Mind you I only bought two items and the others didn’t want to spend much time in the shops that I wanted to go into so I kind of got dragged away. There were so many homosexual people and a couple of them were eyeing up Dad and A. There were also lots of transvestites, which you could pick out a mile away. There was one bloke who was stood on a box outside of a shop and he looked like a centaur. He stood still until someone put money in his hat and then he’d move robotically and make funny noises. It was really cool.

Friday 2nd September

A and Dad have come up with a few people they’ve seen eyeing me up. Dad reckons Niko has got a thing for me. I mean he is really friendly, but he’s about in his late 20s and he’s not exactly my type. Then A came up with Stuart, one of his friends, but he’s too young. And then there was Mark, this boy who plays volleyball. Now, I know he’s been eyeing me up because I’ve seen him. Mind you I’ve been eyeing him up as he’s totally lush and I’ve been playing volleyball with him everyday. Yesterday was best because I was on his team so occasionally we’d say a few words to one another. Phwoar what a hunk!

Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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