If I had an extra hour I would….

It’s that time of year again when the clocks go back one hour meaning the mornings get lighter and the nation can breathe huge sighs of relief about the fact they should be able to get up a bit easier in the mornings again!

So, with a whole extra hour (well for those of us without kids at least!) it’s got us thinking about what we could do with that precious additional time? I mean, the world is our oyster, we could literally do anything and it would be such a shame to waste it. Give it another 6 months and we’ll be losing an hour again so we really should do something positive and constructive with this special 60 minutes.

Most people change their clocks before they go to bed on a Saturday evening, but we quite like the idea of changing it randomly throughout the day on Sunday. Obviously, this could hugely backfire, but if you remain in control just think how great if would feel at 6pm Sunday evening when you’re starting to think about getting your work stuff ready for Monday morning, only to change the clocks back an hour and suddenly have a whole 60 minutes again. It seems incredibly wasteful to use the time for sleep when you could be using it for so much more.

Why not try something new, spend more time with friends and family or best of all go out clubbing at the exact point the clocks go back and feel that complete sense of rebellion that yes you may have paid overinflated prices to get into the club, but you have got an extra hour for free!

We would love to hear what you intend to do with your extra hour, so please contact us to let us know 🙂

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