The Importance Of A Bedtime Routine For The Entire Family

Dad looking at a picture book with a baby on his lap trying to establish a good bedtime routine

40% of adults get fewer than six hours of sleep per night, according to a Gallup poll. As a result, these individuals are at greater risk of obesity and other serious health concerns. Experts recommend that the average adult gets between six and eight hours each night. Meanwhile, the average pre-schooler should bank between 10 and 13 hours. Bedtime routines have long been advocated for parents of babies and toddlers seeking a better night’s sleep, but evidence suggests the entire family could gain from a strict bedtime routine.

Stick To A Routine

The National Sleep Foundation advises five factors adults must consider when introducing a bedtime routine. These include following a schedule, timing your food and drink consumption right, creating a comfortable sleep space, having a ritual, and avoiding the clock. One of the most important aspects of setting a routine for yourself is knowing how much sleep your body requires in order to determine the time you should start winding down for the night. Thankfully, there are smartphone apps you can download which will advise you. Once you know your body’s optimum amount of sleep, shift your bedtime back by 15 minutes each night, until you reach your desired bedtime.

Aiding A Child To Sleep

Of course, to ensure you get the zzz’s your body needs, you need to be certain that your children are also getting a good night’s sleep. One of the most important factors to consider is your child’s comfort. Regardless of their age a good quality mattress is a must. When choosing kids mattresses, consider the amount of support they offer your child’s growing spine, as this will play a big role in their comfort and overall quality of sleep. Meanwhile, research has shown that children with a nightly bedtime routine typically sleep for an hour longer than children without a routine. Therefore, giving your child a warm bath, followed by a story, cuddle and some lullabies is the perfect way to secure more sleep for the entire family.

Don’t Forget Your Teen

Poor sleep is a problem for a high number of teenagers, according to a poll conducted by the University of Michigan. One in six parents report that their teenage child experiences frequent sleep problems, which impact them at least three nights per week. More than half of parents believe that electronic devices are to blame for their teen’s sleep concerns. This is concerning, as research has shown that the blue light from electronics at night can change your circadian rhythm by as much as three hours. Therefore, it’s important that a bedtime routine is implemented which removes such devices from a teenager’s grasp, as this will ensure good quality sleep. Consider installing a lockable tech box in your home for the whole family, but especially your teen, to lock away their gadgets before bedtime.

A bedtime routine is one of the most effective ways to ensure your entire family sleeps well at night. By being strict with yourself, your young children and your teens, you’ll all benefit from better sleep and improved health.

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