Inspiring Ways To Decorate Your Home To Boost Your Mental Wellbeing

Today, we all recognise the importance of mental health and how it can impact other areas of our lives. Regrettably, we all lead such busy lifestyles, it’s not always easy to prioritise our mental wellbeing, and continually put ourselves first. However, as we’re spending more and more time indoors, deciding to decorate your home in the hope of boosting your overall wellbeing, you can actively improve your mental health by making yourself comfortable, calm and safe whilst within your own four walls.

Whether you’re struggling to get out and about due to anxiety, you’re working from home or you’re stuck indoors due to bad weather, considering how interior design can improve your mental wellbeing is certainly worth exploring. In this post, we’ll share with you some inspiring ways you can decorate your home to boost your mental wellbeing, read on to discover more.

Add Some Photographs

Studies have shown that when we see happy smiling faces, our bodies experience a release of feel-good hormones, endorphins and serotonin. When these hormones are released, we feel relaxed, and we may also experience a lower heart rate and blood pressure as a result. Therefore, decorating your home with aluminium photo prints of familiar smiling faces is a must. Aluminium prints can be mounted on the walls to save space or kept close on your side tables and desk to give you sweet and positive reminders of your loved ones and the memories you cherish the most.

Keep Clutter To A Minimum

Clutter is stressful, but it’s also incredibly difficult to let go of. The calmer and more organised your rooms are, the happier you’ll be. So, start small. Tackle one room at a time and start with drawers and closets, what you no longer want can either be donated or sold. When your home is clutter-free, you’ll appreciate how calming and peaceful a minimalistic décor approach can be.

Bring The Outdoors In

Did you know that spending as little as 20 minutes a day in nature can lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate? Ideal for those who struggle with panic attacks or anxiety. Of course, it’s not always possible to head out into the woods for some much-needed greenery, so why not decorate your home with peace and tranquillity instead? Adding houseplants into your hallway, bathrooms and/or living areas can help purify the air and bring a sense of calm to your home. They also look great and most are incredibly easy to look after.

Decorate With Company And Comfort In Mind

Not everyone takes comfort from the presence of others especially when they’re struggling mentally, however, it’s also worth noting that social interactions and positive relationships with friends and family are good for your overall wellbeing.

So, decorate with company and comfort in mind, add additional chairs, throws and blankets to make your home a space that welcomes social activity. Position your seating so people are encouraged to speak to one another, but ensure you keep some of the comfort and style for your own personal retreat in your bedroom.

Put your mental health first and decorate your home with mental wellbeing in mind.

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