Is Your Job Giving You Back Pain?

People develop back pain for many reasons. In some cases, it’s possible that your job may be a contributing factor. Certain habits that are part of your work could be putting unhealthy pressure on your spine. There are lots of habits at work that can damage your back. Below are some of the most common work-related causes of back pain and how to beat back pain.

Leaning Over A Desk

If you lean forward while at a desk, you could be at risk of gradually developing lower back pain. Where possible, you should always keep your back straight. To prevent you leaning forwards, consider whether you are able to adjust your chair height, desk height or computer monitor height.

Lifting Heavy Objects Incorrectly

Many sudden back injuries are the result of lifting heavy objects incorrectly. You should always bend at your legs with your back straight – don’t bend at your waist. Knowing your own strength is also important: if an object feels too heavy to lift yourself, get help from someone else.

Twisting Awkwardly

Awkward twisting of the body can cause spinal damage. This could involve twisting to reach something behind you – such as taking something from a colleague in an office or taking payment from a customer in a taxi. Swivelling seats can prevent the need to turn around. If you’re in a vehicle and you need to turn around to talk to passengers, always undo your seatbelt first if the seat doesn’t swivel.

Wearing The Wrong Footwear

If your job requires you to be on your feet for long periods, it could be vital that you invest in the right footwear. Uncomfortable shoes can have a negative impact on the ankles, knees and hips – and in turn the spine. In many hospitals, trainers are encouraged for this reason. High heeled shoes are among the worst types of footwear for causing back pain.

How To Treat Back Pain

If you think you’ve developed back pain as a result of work, you may have to consider whether you can keep up your current job. If heavy lifting, twisting or being on your feet for long periods is essential to your work, you could aggravate your back pain further.

In cases where you feel you haven’t been given adequate training or equipment, you could consider claiming compensation for your injury. This could be worthwhile if your back injury is severe and needs expensive treatment.

There are lots of ways to treat back pain. A doctor may be able to prescribe you painkillers or offer treatment such as injections. Alternatively, you may be able to get treatment from a chiropractor such as Ray Nannis of Optimum Wellness Solutions or you could look into acupuncture. There are all kinds of professional treatment out there.

You can also look into ways of treating the pain yourself. This could include taking over-the-counter pain relief or trying herbal pain relief. Doing low impact exercises and stretches may help. Even taking regular hot baths could help to relieve inflammation.

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