Learn How to Love and Accept Your Body Again

Over the years, our bodies change for numerous reasons, ranging from slower metabolism to hormones. One of the most beautiful causes of some of the not-so-pleasant body changes is pregnancy. Having a baby is the most amazing thing that can happen to a woman, and while the weight gain, stretch marks and other things, are not diminishing that happiness, they do throw a little rain on your parade. And this is not just about the physical look, but also about the self-esteem which often takes the biggest blow in these situations. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t recoup your self-confidence, accept your body and learn to love it again.

Understand The Changes You Are Going Through

We are the most afraid of changes when we don’t understand why they are happening. You need to accept the fact that your pregnancy will leave a few battle scars (if you are lucky, they will be unnoticeable). First, you will probably gain a few pounds; while sometimes, they’ll go away with the help of breastfeeding and balanced diet, other times you will need to invest more effort to lose them. Stretch marks come as a consequence of your skin stretching to make room for your baby. And, of course, there are the postpartum boobs. Not only that they will be larger, but they could also sag.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

It took nine months for your baby to grow in your belly. Those nine months brought some extra pounds with them and cause various skin issues. Don’t expect them to go away overnight. Sure, there will always be that one person you know that miraculously lost her baby weight right away, but know that we are all different and that you are not doing yourself any favours by comparing her experience with yours. Just be patient and let your body dictate the recovery tempo.

Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

Your body just did something fascinating, you go girl! Be proud of yourself, because you’ve been through a lot, and those extra pounds and stretch marks are battle scars – a proof you’ve pushed your body to the max and accomplished a lot. But also, be happy for your little baby – one look at them will definitely make you say “it was all worth it”.

Change The Things You Can Change

Learning to love your body also has to do with doing your best to be fit and look good. You don’t need to drastically change your appearance, but working out and trying to be physically fit can help you feel better about yourself. If there are things you will never be happy with and you think they can’t be changed by exercising, such as saggy skin and excess fatty tissue, you can try a mummy makeover combination of procedures. However, be sure to have realistic expectations and to not base your entire confidence on the result of this makeover.

Have Some ‘Me’ Time

We know this is almost impossible with the new baby and all, but asking your friends and family for help so that you could have some time for yourself is not at all selfish. Your little one will benefit from their mum being happy too. Use that to get some rest and quality sleep, but also to put on some flattering clothes, wear makeup and make your hair look gorgeous. You would be surprised how some little upgrades can make you feel better about yourself.

Get Back In The Saddle

Getting your life back under your control after giving birth is difficult, messy and complicated. But start with the easier things, such as going out with your friends, going for a stroll, and maybe starting to take on a part-time job. And don’t forget about sex with your partner, which should happen as soon as you feel you are ready. If you still feel lack of confidence, dimming the lights could work for the start.

Your body has been through a lot and you should respect and love it for that. It might take some time for you to look in the mirror and be happy with what you see, but you will get there.

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