Leg Workouts That Provide Results In 2019

There are many reasons why you may want to tone and strengthen your legs. A good way to get started is by following leg workout tips, such as these found on https://theworkoutdigest.com/leg-curl-alternatives/. Toning your leg muscles can enhance your health since it will prevent you from suffering from sore feet, aching joints, and even exhaustion after walking, or during workouts. But not only that, it also improves your overall physical appearance too.

Below is a list of various effective leg workouts. If you follow just these few tips, you will notice a difference in how well-toned your leg muscles are and your flexibility too. It may take some time, since you are not using a machine, but it is worth the while.

Here are some leg workouts that provide results in 2019:


You should vary the squats you do to help tone all of the leg and hip muscles. You could try the goblet squat, the Bulgarian squat, and the sumo squat. The squats work on the inner thigh muscles, quads, and glutes simultaneously. They also work out the hamstrings, hip flexors, and the calves. By doing regular squats, you will attain body balance on both sides, and improve your general health.


Just like squats, you should try various deadlifts to achieve your goal. You may also use a kettlebell for more strength and core stability. Most people prefer single-leg, Romanian, or staggered-stance deadlift. Whichever type of deadlift you opt for, ensure that you do at least three sets per session. It is good to vary the deadlifts to ensure that you are working all of the leg muscles. Deadlift workouts mainly promote muscle building and strength training.


To strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes opt for lunges.  You can easily master the workout by watching videos or following the advice of a gym instructor. You should aim to do at least three sets on each leg. Each set should consist of at least twelve reps. You will see faster results if you do these exercises regularly and remember you should also vary the lunges you do. Start with the lateral lunges, then change to reverse lunges, and end with a set of curtsy lunges.

Jump Squats and Calf Raise Exercises

Easy leg exercises that you can do anywhere include calf raises and jump squats. You may also use a skipping rope. The number of jumps should vary from time to time, but you should start with at least three sets of fifteen per session. You may incorporate jump squats as well as calf raise exercises for an overall leg workout. If you regularly do jumping exercises, you will exercise and tone the muscle fibres, thus ensuring muscle and joint flexibility.

Leg Raises and Kicks

Workout instructors recommend lateral leg raises and rainbow kicks for muscle toning on the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. These exercises will also benefit your booty. The number of sets depends on what level you are. For beginners, start off with at least three sets of twelve reps. You may try cable back kicks to vary the kicks. You will need a high-quality resistant band and professional training to ensure that you are exercising the right way.

There are many other leg exercises you can do without going to the gym. You may also get leg curl and other leg exercise machines for you to achieve your leg goal much quicker.

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