Make Yourself Happy In 30 Days

The experience of being bored or feeling low is quite normal and different factors can influence this feeling. The weather for example during the winter season, when you are having gloomy and sad days are factors that can contribute to an unhappy mood. Additionally, if you are experiencing the holiday blues, you should not let it take a toll on you! You really can make yourself happy in 30 days and below are some tricks and tips that will get you started to help enhance your moods and cheer you up.

Get Moving

Exercise is a good trick that can enable you to release tension and endorphins, and it’s those endorphins that make you happy! There are many ways for you to get fit from home if you can’t face going to the gym. Thankfully, there are now many programs like the 30 days challenge fitness app for example, that will guide you through workouts and diets. This application offers personalized fitness plans, tests your limits, gives you fitness exercises and enables you to track your progress.

Plan A Trip

Travelling is one of the most adventurous activities that can make you continuously smile. Visiting different places like Miami or Vegas for example, can make you feel elated the whole way. Sure, these places are known for sun, fun and going a bit crazy, but you can experience a whole new culture, and everyone needs a bit of crazy every now and again! Consequently, when taking these trips, think about including your friends to make the journey really memorable and something you can look back on together.

Self Care

This is all about setting aside some time to unwind and take care of your wellbeing once in a while. When doing your self care routine, you can even get to drink wine with friends or treat yourself to a Korean skin routine at least two nights a week – there are loads of endless options for self care! This will help to erase the negative feelings, thus making you feel alive once more.

Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has compounds that enhance the brain to release anandamide that creates euphoria in humans. This compound brightens your mood and prevents you from experiencing depression. Additionally, chocolate has tryptophan, which is found in small quantities that aids neurotransmitters to produce serotonin, which facilitates happiness! Don’t ever feel guilty for reaching for some chocolate!

Practice Yoga

Yoga is the perfect way to release bad thoughts and surround yourself in warm, welcoming environments. This gives you a jovial mood. Enrolling in a yoga class is essential, as it is a mood booster and increases your productivity. Furthermore, it reduces the stress levels that may hinder your happiness.

Update Your Music Playlist

Listening to music can take your mood from low to high in an instant. Music often clears your mind and can make you feel relaxed. When you begin to sing to your favourite Madonna or Celine Dion song, this enables you to instantly feel more joy! Creating a playlist of your favourite songs on music apps like Spotify or Apple Music will help make you have a better mood.

Adding these practices to your routine will help reduce stress levels and aid with the prevention of critical health problems. It’s important that sometimes you take a step back and think about what really makes you happy.

* In collaboration with Mary Davis.

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