My Monthly Teenage Diary – October 1993

Still just as obsessed with Take That, still desperately trying to get boys to notice me, still desperately trying to fit in. It’s time for my monthly teenage diary!

Friday 1st October

Everything’s fine now between Sheila, Noreen, Petunia and me so that’s one problem sorted out. At Aerobics there was this real spack of a woman. I was in hysterics every time I looked at her and Sheila laughing didn’t help the situation. In English we’ve got to do another oral assessment, this time in groups in front of the rest of the class. We’ve got to do a news broadcast about Macbeth. I’m in a group with Noreen and Petunia.

Saturday 2nd October

Went into Chippenham and managed to get Petunia’s and A’s birthday presents. While waiting for Mum and A about 11 kids had a go on this Postman Pat van and I swear if I ever hear that tune again I’ll hit someone. I saw Sid in Chippenham and I’m sorry but I was trying not to look at him. I was hoping he’d say hi to me but he didn’t. I felt so pretty today. I tied my hair in a type of bun and I think it actually suited me.

Sunday 3rd October

Today was so dead end. Sheila didn’t feel very well so went back to sleep, leaving me with nothing to do so in the end I went downstairs to watch TV and she eventually joined me. Mum came to collect me, but because we didn’t hear her she went away. A had £5 nicked and it’s either Ivor or Stan who’s taken it. We reckon it’s Stan, but we can’t blame him because we’ve got no proof.

Monday 4th October

I’ve been trying to raise one eyebrow without much luck. Percy can just about do it. Sheila, me and Betty are going to get tickets for the Smash Hits poll winners party. We’re going to get there early so that maybe we’ll see all the bands arriving. Betty said her parents will drive us and Mum said that she’d let me use her credit card and then Betty and Sheila pay her back. It’ll be so cool. I can’t wait till next week.

Tuesday 5th October

I heard the second CD and because there’s a hole in the CD it makes Relight My Fire slightly wonky, but that doesn’t matter ‘cos I’ve already got that song. I really love the Motown Medley. I got the words off of Sheila and when Mark sings Just My Imagination it’s really cute and tear jerking. And I love Gary’s version of Get Ready, it’s really nice.

Wednesday 6th October

Went shopping with Mum so that I could do my Tech homework and I ended up spending about £4 on dark brown eyeshadow, eye make up remover, and coconut conditioner. I know I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist it. Mind you Mum hasn’t asked for the money yet so she might have forgotten. I got an A in Art and he said anyone who got that, this is like GCSE level. We had to draw two figures. Now I thought I was really crap, but I can’t be can I.

Thursday 7th October

I got an A for my Biology homework. I think I fancy Percy. He keeps staring deeply at me and vice versa. I suppose it’s only harmless fun or it could be flirting. He’s really cute but maybe sometimes he’s a bit too loud. I’m really dreading English tomorrow. I know I’m really crap at drama and I reckon Mrs Davidson will only give me a 6 for it. The thing is I used to like English, but now I’m starting to hate it.

Friday 8th October

For English I got 5abcd, 6abcd, 7abcd, and 8ab which is the highest mark we could’ve possibly got, so I’m really proud. Percy was staring at me again. He’s so lush. I’m at Nina’s at the moment and there’s this cat which is having thrills on the carpet. I suppose my lasagne turned out alright, but it tasted really foul and disgusting. I really am dreading gong to the vets tomorrow, but I really ought to go.

Saturday 9th October

I’ve only got to see the vet on Thursday for a sort of test and then my service is all finished at last. I thought it would never end. I went over to Sheila’s this afternoon, which was generally a waste of time because all she did was move her bedroom around. Mum bought me a new bag for school and I yet again spent some money, but I’m sure I won’t be in debt over it.

Sunday 10th October

The Ozone was good apart from when it showed all the fans, especially when being kissed by Mark. I had this really weird dream that I bought a book about the Smash Hits poll winners party and that Mum said I couldn’t go. I can’t wait to hear the album tomorrow. I hope they supply the words because it will take ages to write them all out. We’ve also got to exchange our singles ‘cos they don’t work properly.

Monday 11th October

The songs are so cool even though they take a lot of time to get used to. Babe is just so tear jerking and most of the others are so catchy you can’t help but like them. There isn’t one that I really hate. I managed to swap my other CD so it hasn’t got a hole any more. I got an A+ in Tech today. That’s 2 within the space of 2 weeks. Cool eh?

Tuesday 12th October

I feel so guilty. I forgot to mention that Grandma was put into hospital on Sunday because of angina. I hope she’s OK, I couldn’t bear it if anything happened to her. I read in Fast Forward that there’s a group of girls who went to see Take That in July who had front row tickets and are going again in November front row every night at the NEC. One of them caught Mark’s towel. What bitches.

Wednesday 13th October

I’ve got phone up for tickets at 9.00am on Saturday. I know we won’t get front row tickets because they’re giving 50 pairs away in a competition, but I don’t care I just want to go. We’re going early so we can maybe see some of the acts arriving. Betty got a free poster and an address to get information with her album. Me and Sheila are well pissed off.

Thursday 14th October

The vet test was really easy and I’m just so relieved that it’s all over. Betty complimented me. Marigold noticed I was wearing make up and Betty said “yeah it looks nice doesn’t it”. She’s really nice. It’s funny to think that after two years of knowing each other we’ve got friendly. Mrs Saunders also commented on the Maths homework, she said, “If you found it hard, then a lot of the others will”.

Friday 15th October

I finished Aerobics today so now I only need to do my skill. I really fancy Percy and I think he might me because he keeps hanging around and linking arms with me. He’s really cute. I’ve got to phone up for tickets tomorrow and I’m really nervous. Betty is ringing me in the evening and I’m hoping I’m not stumped for what to say and look really pathetic.

Saturday 16th October

I couldn’t get them. I tried for an hour and a quarter but it was engaged all the time. It’s so depressing, but I suppose there’s an iddy biddy chance I might win a pair. I hope! Betty phoned and she was disappointed, I can tell you, it was me that actually kept the conversation going. If I hadn’t of talked there would’ve just been one long silence. I can’t wait for Monday even though I’ve got two tests. I just want to see Percy and see if he hangs round me.

Sunday 17th October

Sunday’s are always so boring because A’s got football and I’m left in the house with nothing to do. Sheila came over, but we had a small argument mainly because she didn’t want to do anything in half term except stay at home, which to me is really boring. So when she left I had a good cry and wrote down all my problems and I now feel 100% better for it. There’s nothing quite like a good old cry.

Monday 18th October

Everything Changes is at number 1 in the album chart. Percy only said hi to me today so that was a bit disheartening. I got another A+ for my Tech homework and in the test I got 65 out of 90, which was the third best in the class so I’m really proud of that. I think I did really well in my Geography test but I won’t know until Wednesday. Sheila’s getting me the Take That calendar and 5 year diary for Christmas.

Tuesday 19th October

Percy didn’t say anything to me today in fact he didn’t even look at me, maybe it’s because he was never in his form room. I hope he is tomorrow because I’d really like to see him before half term, which starts Friday. I’ve decided that in Art I’m going to do a kind of light-dark contrast comparing children’s nightmares with dreams. Grandma’s gone back into hospital. They’re going to make her really better.

Wednesday 20th October

I got 50 out of 60 for my Geography test, which was the same as what Lee got. You’ll never guess what, but Percy wasn’t at school today either. I’m really hoping he’ll be there tomorrow. Nick, a friend of Stan’s, reckons I fancy him. Yeah like right. He looks like Dennis, I think I’d rather go out with Stan. Well, maybe not. A picture taken on our expedition has been put in the Herald. This declares ultimate humiliation!!!!!

Thursday 21st October

Percy was at school and we had a staring match. He said goodbye to me at the end of the day by saying, “Bye Becky my secret lover, have a good half term, I’ll miss you” and gave me a hug. He’s so sweet. Sheila and Ada thought it would be funny to ask Nick out for me so I’m now supposedly going out with him even though I know nothing about it. There’s no way I’d go out someone 3 years younger and shorter.

Friday 22nd October

Went into Chippenham and Mum told me that she’d buy me a new coat. We’re going into Swindon on Monday and I’ve worked out I can spend up to £40 on jewellery and clothes. Went over to Sheila’s and Nick fancies me. I saw him properly today. He’s so immature it’s unbelievable, but Sheila’s right about his smile, it’s really cute. Not enough to go out with him though.

Saturday 23rd October

Used the camcorder with A. It’s so cool. I’m going to use it tomorrow with Sheila. I can now make friendship bands and they actually look OK. Mum says that we’ll have to go shopping on Friday now because she hasn’t got any spare money at the moment. I’m babysitting at the moment and it’s been OK but it still feels very strange when we have to send them to bed.

Sunday 24th October

Sheila stayed last night and we didn’t realise the clocks had to go back an hour so when Sheila left my house for church at 11.00 it was only 10.00 so she had to come back. Claudia came over and all three of us were using the camcorder. It was pretty cool actually. Even though I’m annoyed at the fact that Nick fancies me I’m also intrigued to see whether he’d actually ask me. I know that may seem a bit cruel, but I’m mystified by it all.

Monday 25th October

Spent a fiver in Chippenham on an official Take That annual and sweets. Sheila wanted to dye her hair and because she didn’t want to do it on her own she bought me some as well. They were only 59p a sachet. Hers is mahogany brown and mine’s chestnut brown. We’ll be trying it out on Wednesday. I’m debating whether to buy some videos and albums or not, I’m not too sure.

Tuesday 26th October

I’ve written a letter to Take That and if they don’t reply to this they won’t reply to anything. I’ve included a friendship band for each of them. They’re practising for the November tour at the moment so the problem is that they might not have enough time to reply. It would make my life complete if they did. I’d honour it forever and I’d read it every night.

Wednesday 27th October

In Smash Hits there was an advert for official Take That tour postcards so I’ve sent off for them and I’ve also sent the letter. We dyed our hair today. It hasn’t made much difference except for an orange tuft at the front of my head. I’m really dreading tomorrow because I’ve got to do my English homework and Mum’s going to be at work so it’s going to be so boring.

Thursday 28th October

Sheila received a newsletter from the fan club which allowed her to get the tour postcards £2.25 approx cheaper, which is really miffing. Mind you, mine didn’t come today. I finished my English homework and to be honest I quite enjoyed it. I flogged my keyboard to A for a tenner so now I’ve got fifty pounds to spend tomorrow. Sheila’s also sent a letter to Howard and I’ve just got a feeling she’ll get a reply and I won’t. I hope we both get one or none at all else we’ll be so disappointed.

Friday 29th October

I’m really pleased with what I bought, which was: 3 tops, My Girl, Dina Carroll single, black bra, and Mum bought me a blanket coat. I’ve decided to buy the SWV album because I like most of their songs and it’s nice to listen to something else other than Take That now and again. The next time I can spend a big amount of money is with my birthday money when I go Christmas shopping with Sheila.

Saturday 30th October

Went down to Grandad’s and in the evening went for a meal. It was really boring. I think I’d have rather gone to Noreen’s party and that’s saying something. We had to look at all their holiday snaps from Florida and the stories they told were told at least twice, I could have screamed. My Take That fan club newsletter came, so I was a bit miffed at seeing the special offer for the postcards, but at the same time I don’t really care.

Sunday 31st October

We can’t go in to get the video tomorrow so Mum’s gonna get it when she goes to work on Tuesday. Can I wait that long? I tried looking for the SWV album in Savacentre, but the crap place that it is didn’t have it. We were looking at all the old photos. Mum sounded such a tart and I’m sure she got out more than I do. MIFF TO THE LIMIT.

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