My Teenage Diary: Saturday 1st October – Friday 7th October

This week’s teenage diary is all about parties and boys… so pretty standard stuff right. In fact I’m feeling a little jealous of my teenage self this week, she deffo had a better social life than I do now, although I guess that isn’t all that difficult in the current climate!

It’s time to take a break from the worries of the world and have a laugh at my teenage worries instead. Enjoy this week’s teenage diary my lovelies.

Saturday 1st October

This party was probably the best because nobody got drunk, even though some were drinking, and no one got off with anyone else. Gary called round when I was at Sheila’s so we all went round to see how Wilfred was. He’s looking a lot better than I thought he would. Me, Sheila, Gary, Tommy, Percy and Timothy went down the pub whilst waiting for Claudia and Denise. They can actually get served alcohol. We went into the skittle alley where there was an organised party but we were allowed to stay. We asked to put Whigfield on and me, Denise and Gary got up and did the dance. It was well funny. We went back to Sheila’s and everyone got comfy on the sofa. Gary pulled a moony in the street.

Sunday 2nd October

We had to wake up fairly early because Claudia had to go horse riding. Mind you it was quite good because it meant I could go home earlier, which was cool because I had the house to myself. We’ve lost my Whigfield tape which really pisses me off. Sheila reckons Percy’s taken it, but I’m not so sure. I swear that he left before the music had stopped, so I really don’t know where it’s gone. Sheila has offered to pay for it. That makes me feel a bit guilty, but if it gets me the tape then it’s alright. Last night Sally Foster told me that John had told her that he fancied me. Great, he’s a real gibbon.

Monday 3rd October

I’m really getting fed up with going to school, it’s just so boring. I used to enjoy learning new facts, but now it all seems so tedious. I found out from Denise today that John has moved to Calne meaning I’ll never see him again. Oh dear what a shame. Actually it is quite sad, because I found it flattering that a nineteen year old should fancy the likes of me. I mean it’s not everyday that it happens. And I expect that it will be a long time before it happens again. If at all. How depressing.

Tuesday 4th October

I’m really pissed off with Sheila. You would have thought that if she had a worry she’d tell her best friend, but oh no she does the complete opposite and goes and tells three other people, two of which weren’t even at the party. I mean all I’ve gathered about what it’s about is that it involves Sheila and Percy at the party. And I think they must have kissed because they were both outside when Percy was having a fag. She’s now not talking to him, probably because she feels uncomfortable. I can’t understand why she won’t tell me. I mean I’ve told her I don’t fancy him any more.

Wednesday 5th October

I really can’t remember what happened today because it’s now Friday and I completely forgot that I even owned a diary. All I can remember is feeling totally pissed off about Just Seventeen being down the shop and that’s not exactly interesting. I was also really pissed off with Sheila because it really bugs me that she doesn’t tell me as much as she used to because it’s not as though I’ve done anything to break that trust. I’d never even consider spreading rumours.

Thursday 6th October

Sheila went to a wedding so wasn’t at school and quite a lot of people were on a Drama trip so it was really cool. Someone got hold of a tape recorder so we were playing music at lunchtime whilst Gary was pulling out his leg hairs. Sheila came round about 8.00pm and told me all about the wedding. She’s told me I have to go to her house on Sunday to meet her 20 year old cousin because apparently he wants to meet me. Carly’s other cousin, who’s mates with him, described me as being a bit of a babe. Hey wouldn’t it be cool if I went out with a 20 year old.

Friday 7th October

I’m quite looking forward to meeting Sheila’s cousin on Sunday. I’ve just got to remember to make a good impression and Sheila told me to wear a Wonderbra. Of what I can remember of her cousin last time I saw him he’s a total love god. I really hope he takes a shine to me, it would really make my day. Imagine what everyone would say if I ended up going out with a twenty year old. Went to Timothy’s house with Claudia and Sheila and Gary was there. Claudia and Sheila ended up in the bed wiith him talking about threesomes.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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