My Teenage Diary Series – 30th April 1995

Dear Teenage Diary,

Where do I start? I guess I’m not feeling the happiest of people at the moment. It’s getting all too much for me. It only really hit me today when I was trying to learn my French, trying being the operative word. I thought I knew them fairly well, but to be completely honest I don’t. I’ve worked out that I’ve got just over a week before my French oral and I’m going to be pushed to learn it all. I really hate myself for not revising harder in half term. From now on I’m going to knuckle down, no more going out on Friday nights however hard my friends try to convince me. I just can’t afford to waste any time. I completely mucked up on my Maths aural and I don’t want to do the same with any other exam. To do that means that I have to fully know everything off by heart.

It’s not like my friend situation is great at the moment anyway. I mean Sheila’s little miss popularity at the moment and she knows it. That’s what pisses me off. It’s like everything has to revolve around her, I mean if I have a problem she couldn’t give a shit, whereas if she’s got one the whole world’s got to stop and help her. I don’t know how it’s possible but she’s my best friend yet at the same time I hate her. I mean that time she thought I’d got off with Percy she wrote me the most bitchiest of letters. Some of the comments she made really hurt and I will never forgive her for writing them. She never even said sorry, she just expected me to be alright about it and carry on as normal. Me being gullible, did. She thinks she knows me so well, but she doesn’t. I feel like my life is so full of actors and it’s hard to know who are fake and who are real and genuinely care for people other than themselves. At the moment I just feel like stepping out of this social group we’ve created. I guess I was never a big part of it anyway, but the thing is I know a huge fuss would be created and I really don’t think I can handle the extra stress at the moment.


*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

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