My Teenage Diary Series – 6th May 1995

Dear Teenage Diary,

This had to be the BEST day of my life and I will always remember it. Denise and I went into Chippenham in the morning to buy new tops for tonight and just general shopping. We actually got on really well and I can’t believe only a few days ago we were being really bitchy to one another. She reckons she saw a white monkey by the fair in Monkton Park – ummm yeah right.

Basically we were looking at every boy that walked past and believe me there were quite a few. We went into New Look and decided to try on these really gross clothes for a laugh. I had this bright luminous green ribbed top with a silk blue dress with flowers and Denise had the same top but in bright electric blue and the same dress but in pink. Let’s just say they were a sight for sore eyes.

It was so embarrassing because we were in Woolworths and Denise realised she knew this bloke, he was in his 20s, but she couldn’t remember his name. So she went up to him and said, “Excuse me, are you from Cyprus?” Luckily he was, but it was so dead embarrassing because he was stood by the underwear section.

In the afternoon I went back on camp with Denise and we took her dog Mali out for a walk hoping to bump into Matt and Anthony – we didn’t. We went up the hangar and sunbathed because it was so hot. After a while Mali got too hot so we took her back and then went out again. Les and Archibald had left their tent at the bottom of the hangar so we sat in that for a while listening to the radio. Then we went up the hangar again this time taking the radio with us, so we were on the top of the hangar jiving away. This boy came along with this boy who must have been his younger brother. For some unknown reason they thought it funny to chuck stones at us. Believe me I wasn’t impressed.

At 5pm I went home to have dinner and a shower and get ready. Denise called round with Iris Johnson at 7.30 so they came in for a while so me and Denise could put fake tattoos on. We were meeting Matt and Anthony at 9.30 so we had ages of time to waste. Timothy, who was supposed to be having a party, had decided to go down Georgina’s house where they were all camping with youth club. Cuthbert Gilbert and Twigs were also down there so we were trying to ignore them. Me because of Cuthbert and Denise because Twigs was going to ask her out and she didn’t want him to. We went down the park and shouted their names to see if they were there. They were and started walking down to us. Iris went to talk to them and sidetrack them while me and Denise were running away in short skirts and long boots with heels.

We walked up to The Star and Matt and Anthony were up there with another boy also called Matt, but to make it easier to understand I’ll call him Matthew. They were talking to some older lads in a car who were keeping watch for them because there were officers looking out for them. They all had cans of lager on them and they were really disappointed when we told them the party had been called off. One of the lads in the car told me I had nice legs. He was a total gaffer so when they drove away I stuck my fingers up at him.

By now we’d met up with Iris, so all six of us went down the school field. Denise and Anthony went over to the bench and I sat next to Matt on the swings. He later sat down in front of me on the floor. Timothy and a whole load of others came down and Matt started introducing himself, especially to Claudia, who was lapping it up. So I whispered to him, “can we get away from here and go and sit on the bench” so we did. There was no way I was going to let Claudia get her paws on him. I found out that I’m six days older than him. He didn’t believe me because when he first met us he thought me and Denise both looked 14 – totally chops.

Matt lay down on the grass so I told him I’d sit on him, but I soon got off because I could tell I was squishing him, so I sat down beside him. He told me he saw a shooting star so he told me to make a wish. I did, but then I told him I wasn’t going to tell him what it was else it wouldn’t come true. He then went on the slide so I sat back on the bench. After a while we all went down the slide and just ended up in a mass heap. We then went, because they wanted to go to the pub. Me and Matt were walking together at the back and he suddenly got up on the curb and said, “these things are good for people like me, because that means that I’m the same height as you and you can do things better.” Talk about a hint for a snog, but I decided then wasn’t the time. We carried on walking at the back and were soon arm in arm and then holding hands. He gave me a piggy back.

We left the pub and he said, “nice arse” and then looked away as though he hadn’t said anything. I just laughed and he said, “did you hear that?” I said yes so he said, “well you have and that skirt really does you justice.” We went up the hangars and I suppose that’s where it really all started. Denise and Anthony were sat together and it wasn’t long before they were snogging, so they moved down the side of the hangar. Matt was lying looking up at the stars so he told me to lie down and he pointed out the big dipper to me. Our heads kept getting nearer and then it happened. He leant over and kissed me. I’ve never been kissed so nicely in all my life, because he was so sweet the way he wasn’t using his tongue all the time, but would kiss lightly and delicately. The way he kissed my neck and then my eyelashes was just totally dreamsome. I’ve never been with someone who’s cared so much for me. It wasn’t long before he was on top of me and he had his hand up my top, but I didn’t mind because he was so gentle. Maybe things did go a bit far, seeing as I’d only met him the night before, but it just felt so right. He fingered me, it hurt a bit, but I think it’s because I was so nervous. He then undid his zip on his jeans and allowed me to fumble with his penis. I’ve never felt so close to anyone before. It’s like we were having sex, but not properly you know. The way he was breathing heavily in my ear and how the pace would suddenly quicken and then slow down again. Everything was just so right, I just never wanted to stop. I then sat up because I was cold so he gave me his jacket and put his arm around me. It was so romantic sat up on a hangar in the moonlight. While we were full on he’d whispered in my ear, “I’ve got a full packet in my wallet.” I just laughed because I didn’t know what to say so he laughed and said, “I’m not joking” in a way that showed he was so desperate for me. I just laughed again. As much as I’d have liked to there’s no way I could have because I didn’t totally know him.

As we were sat up on the hangar with his arm around me he said, “the problem with being drunk is you get brewers droop. I’m so sorry if I disappointed you.” It was the sweetest thing, apologising because he thought I wasn’t happy with his performance. I told him he was fine. After that I was a bit quiet, I guess I was just totally in heaven and just him being there was enough. He kept whispering in my ear and asking me whether I was alright. I even liked the way he whispered in my ear, I just liked everything about him. At about 12 we went down to find Denise and Anthony because they had to get back across the other side of camp. He even helped me walk down the hangar by guiding me. It was hard to let them go and you could tell they didn’t want to. Matt kept coming back to have a kiss and we even kissed under his leather jacket, but then they really had to go so we said goodnight and had a goodnight kiss. They told us they’d meet us tomorrow night at 9.30.

*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

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